It is my goal, that in my lifetime, people will stop questioning whether they should have their spine checked by a Chiropractor or not.



Canva Tutorial

Watch this video and send to your CA and office staff to learn how to use Canva's powerful content creation platform. This will take your online marketing and branding to the next level allowing you to create and share organic information.

Boost your Google Local SEO Ranking

This video will give powerful tips to learn first how to determine where you rank in Google's Local SEO Search Terms, and second what you can do about it.

Get Started with Live Broadcasting Platforms Facebook and Periscope

Are you doing lunch and learns and spinal screening events? Use one of the free tools mentioned in this broadcast and attract people locally for your events that are pre-educated!

Reception Room Broadcasting Software Overview

Repurpose your content to your Reception Room TV and give strong Social Media call to actions to drive more people to your pages.

More than Facebook for a Chiropractic Social Media Strategy

Why should your local business live on more than one social site and where else should that be?

Quantity for Quality Content

Create high quality and quantity content for your office using Periscope Videos to start your content creation process. Learn more in this video!

Social Media Goal Planning and Setting

How to look at plans and set goals with your social media activity?

Video Content for Chiropractors Online Marketing Strategy

The ultimate question I get first is, "Why would I be on Periscope?" "Why do I need videos?"

Repurpose your Chiropractic Marketing Content

How to repurpose the content you create throughout your social platforms and throughout time.