The Ultimate Chiropractic Social Media Strategy Vault Bootcamp

Bonus Module: Facebook Ads Summit 2018 (5 days)

DAY 1 Facebook Ads Introduction

Episode 1: 8 Minutes 39 seconds
Facebook Ads Summit- Day 1 Recap

-Give away something of value
-Use HQ images


  1. Facebook Ads Summit Day 1 Recap
  2. Facebook Ad Lead Generation Campaign Set Up

Day 2 Facebook Ads Copy & Video Sequencing

Day 2- SME Facebook Ads Summit

- Copy
- Video Sequencing
Audio: 13 mins 38 seconds

Day 3 Facebook Ad Audiences

Facebook Ad Audiences, Lookalikes and Targeting
20 minutes 46 seconds

Day 4 Facebook Ad Strategy


1. Audience and Funnel Understanding

2. Facebook Ad Strategy for your office - August to December

3.  The ChiroSocialTech Re-purposing Content Mind Map (spine map!)


Day 5 Facebook Ads Copy

14 Minutes 54 Second
Facebook Ad Copy- What to write with your ads, 11 copy chunks


1. Facebook Ad Summit- Copy Slides by Molly Pitman

facebook ads bonus module checklist