ChiroSocialTech Raw Podcast Episode 1

Episode 1

Welcome to The ChiroSocialTech RAW Podcast Show

Join Nicole Cowley and Tristan Schaub for the first episode of ChiroSocialTech Raw.  A podcast replay of the infamous weekly live social media, technology and online marketing show for chiropractors we host live on Facebook.

In this episode, Nicole and Tristan dive into the business strategies that led companies like Facebook and Google (free platforms) to be the largest companies in the world.  

Learn what you can takeaway as a business structure and new ways to think about marketing your office.

In this show we discuss some cool technology things you can grab here!  For the protective googles Tristan was wearing, check out our KIT store to get your pair.  

Pretty sweet, uh!

The Apps of the Week:

Tristan's App of the Week: Pretty Links


Nicole's App of the Week: Trello

This week's episode was sponsored by Bolt Tape

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Nicole Cowley