Episode 54: 20-50 New Patients per Month with Facebook

Episode 54: 20-50 New Patients per Month with Facebook

Your weekly BYTE of Chiropractic Social Media Marketing and Technology Tools to implement and elevate your practice growth.

Welcome to the ChiroSocialTechRAW podcast show hosted by Nicole Cowley. In today’s episode, Nicole is breaking down the myths behind the title of the podcast and the jewels behind it.  Everyone reading this has seen a Facebook ad or received a Facebook message promising this type of activity.

Learn how you can find the low hanging fruit in your practice with Facebook Ads in this episode.  Get a pen and paper handy, because this is full of process and structured strategies you can plug and play for your chiropractic office.

Before August 1st, 2018, get inside The Ultimate Chiropractic Social Media Strategy Vault- Bootcamp Series (if after 8/1/18, still visit for next open date and waitlist. Message me below for help with today’s concepts)


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