Episode 46 Interview with Dr. Matthew Norton-Mindfluence

Episode 46

Episode 46 Interview with Dr. Matthew Norton-Mindfluence

Live for this week’s ChiroSocialTechRAW live interview episode is your co host, Nicole Cowley from ChiroSocialTech bringing you another top interview guest, Dr. Matthew Norton. Dr. Norton is the founder of The Chiropractic Experts Network (CEN) and Mindfluence.  

This is an incredible episode because it’s not like any we have done before. Dr. Norton is brilliant and really shifts our mindset which is the core of our marketing.  In the past few episodes, I have been talking about the Creating your Storybrand book by Donald Miller. Dr. Norton really takes this process and implements it with chiropractic offices to really identify the underlying core behaviors and motivators.  

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