Episode 41 Top 10 Chiropractors Nominated for Using Social Media Effectively

Episode 41

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Episode 41 Top 10 Chiropractors Nominated for Using Social Media Effectively

Live for this week’s ChiroSocialTechRAW live interview episode is your co hosts, Nicole Cowley from ChiroSocialTech and Tristan L. Schaub from ChiroSushi.

Nominated by their peers and team members, here are Top 10 Chiropractors who are using social media effectively in their community and a quick look at their main Facebook Page with Tristan and Nicole’s lively commentary!

Enjoy the show.  Nominate your chiropractor for the next Top 10 List in the Fall by email nicole@chirosocialtech.com.  We need their name and location.  They should be easily found from there given their social media success!

Join the Live Commentary here.

KUDOS to those we name and everyone sharing your message out there!!
1. Dr. Grant Dennis
2. Dr. Rebecca Brouillette
3. Dr. Kevin Christie
4. Dr. Dakota Zickefosse
5. Dr. Jason Schluter
6. Dr. Micaire Hawkins
7. Dr. Drew Henderson
8. Dr. Mike Merkt
9. Dr. Michael Kehoe
10. Dr. Paula Ruffin

Honorable Mentions:
Dr. Jade Meylor
Dr. Brandon Brown
Drs. Stu and Teresa Warner


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