Episode 34 ChiroSocialTech Raw Live- CULTure

Episode 34

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Episode 34 ChiroSocialTech Raw Live- CULTure

We are back this week with Tristan coming to us live from CalJam!!  Ok so we start a topic that we are going to be building on, but honestly, Tristan and Nicole keep this social media marketing online show as RAW has we can and there's a lot of good updates and questions we get into in this episode. 

The is part 1 of a series we are kicking off over the next few episodes around building a "CULT-ture".  We plan to sprinkle in consistent ways you can build the value and culture within your patients, your community and the people you surround yourself with everyday, your team.

Share with us how you have built a strong ‘cult’ure in your office and/or community for chiropractic.  

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