ChiroSocialTech Raw Podcast Episode 7

Episode 7

The Top 10 Things You Can Do Now Online to Grow your Chiropractic Office

Welcome to the seventh episode of ChiroSocialTech Raw with hosts, Nicole Cowley and Tristan L. Schaub from ChiroSushi.   This is your weekly raw byte of pure chiropractic marketing content delivered to you in both podcast and live format.

This podcast is a replay of the infamous weekly Facebook live social media, technology and online marketing show for chiropractors. 

In this episode we are kicking off the first of the month by giving you 10 things you can go do right now to plant seeds for real results from social media and these online tools to grow your practice.

  1. Create something to provide value and giveaway through people that sign up for email

    1. Ex. An Ebook Recipe for Quick Healthy Meals

    2. Ex. A 3 part video series on how to be more ergonomically efficient in your daily life

    3. Or Tristan’s Top 10 Ways Chiropractic Can Benefit Your Sex Life.

  2. Start an email series

    1. Blogs

    2. Newsletters

    3. Events

    4. Local Happenings and News

  3. Run a $10/day Facebook Ad for a discounted New Patient Exam and Consult

  4. Get a professionally done 90-180 second video and post to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

  5. Add local businesses and influencers on Instagram and like 1 post and like and comment on another.  Message everyone that follows you back inviting them to come in for a complimentary consult

  6. Schedule a talk in your office or at a local place and create a Facebook event, run a Facebook and IG ad for it, create a 60 sec video about it for IG, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube.  

  7. Run a contest (Facebook, YouTube and Twitter)

  8. Do a testimonial video with your patient that refers the most to you and create a Facebook Ad with it, post to YouTube, Linkedin and Twitter.  Pin to Facebook and Twitter.

  9. Repurpose your testimonials and reviews into posts across all social accounts and into your email marketing

  10. Create a Facebook Live Weekly Show!

This week's episode was sponsored by Bolt Tape.

BOLT TAPE IS AT THE FOREFRONT OF ENERGY MEDICINE.  Bolt Tape is safe and drug-free pain relief on sports tape, that delivers natural energetic frequencies that allow the body to heal and provides continual therapy. 

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