Episode 12- Bonus Episode with Dr. Marcia Schaefer- The Truth About Fertility

Episode 12

Bonus Episode with Dr. Marcia Schaefer- The Truth About Fertility

Go to drmarciaschaefer.com to learn more and sign up.

Dr. Marcia Schaefer is a Chiropractor in Lodi, Wisconsin where she has a clinic.  She also speaks for the ICPA- International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and has helped over 90 babies come into this world in her 7 years practicing.

I have had the honor of working with Dr. Marcia Schaefer since I first met her during her demo of VitaLogics and she has thus referred many students over to our Student Technology Launch Program.  While that is by far not the reason I am doing this podcast, I am honored in any way I can to always give back to her because of that.

The students that demo having been referred from Dr. Schaefer are so respectable and have such a high opinion that is speaks volumes to the insight and influence Dr. Schaefer possesses.

The program isn’t in fact about Fertility but rather about optimal health and allowing your patients to express that through Chiropractic.  

The program consists of a weekly podcast that she is producing in a structured format to follow her teachings, a weekly Facebook Live ongoing, a web portal for your patients!! And then a private Facebook group to interact and go through specific case studies.

IMMENSE value!

Go to drmarciaschaefer.com to access first podcast for FREE and sign up before October 1st for The Truth About Fertility.

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