Episode 10- BONUS- Interview with Dr. Steve Tullius- Killing it with Events

Episode 10

Episode 9- *Bonus

BONUS- Interview with Dr. Steve Tullius- Killing it with Events

Welcome to the tenth episode of ChiroSocialTech Raw with host, Nicole Cowley bring you a bonus episode with guest, Dr. Steven Tullius from Chiropractic Is in San Diego, CA.   This is your weekly raw byte of pure chiropractic marketing content delivered to you in both podcast and live format.

This podcast is a replay of the infamous weekly Facebook live social media, technology and online marketing show for chiropractors.

I met Dr. Steven Tullius through the found of VitaLogics Chiropractic EHR, Frank Ju.  Dr. Tulius is Frank’s chiropractor.  I have followed him and our paths have connected again through being in mutual groups like Mile High Chiropractic with Dr. Daniel Knowles and the Black Diamond Club with Drs. Shawn Dill and Lacey Book.

In this bonus episode, Dr. Tullius gives us an exclusive inside look at his program that is filling rooms across the country.  The programs are built around specific topics and use social media and online marketing strategies to get targeted people that will benefit from attending the workshop.

Dr. Tullius has cracked the code for turning Facebook ads into new patients for your chiropractic clinic.  Learn more in this show.

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You’ll be amazed at how we are able to fill your workshop for you while you sit back and prepare with the content we’ve created. The Mental Health Matters Program takes all the guesswork out of attracting the public, building your email list, and transitioning those contacts into highly qualified and ideal patients.