Episode 9- Part 2 of Chiropractic User Generated Content

Episode 9

Part 2 of creating unique UGC or User Generated Content for your Chiropractic Clinic

** BONUS- Email us your guess for what the October (done before, but very good) UGC Chiropractic idea is nicole@chirosocialtech.com

Welcome to the ninth episode of ChiroSocialTech Raw with hosts, Nicole Cowley and Tristan L. Schaub from ChiroSushi.   This is your weekly raw byte of pure chiropractic marketing content delivered to you in both podcast and live format.

This podcast is a replay of the infamous weekly Facebook live social media, technology and online marketing show for chiropractors.

The two pieces of content that are most recommended to leverage and get the biggest value are:

1. Videos

2. User Generated Content

In last week’s episode, you were challenged to create a unique #Hashtag, our’s is #SocialSubluxation, in order to find your UGC once your audience begins to create it.

In this episode Nicole and Tristan give you winning, successful, creative ideas that you can start immediately to begin a Chiropractic User Generated Content Campaign in your community.

Share what you do on one of our upcoming Live Recordings for all listeners to benefit from!


Every Thursday around 12:30 PM EST

Tech Tools of the Week

Asirvia- Android bluetooth powered push notification proximity device.                          

Squarespace- Build, Design, Manage and Update a beautiful, converting website with Squarespace’s user friendly interface and award winning templates and design attributes.

 Magic Plan- Using AR (augmented reality) technology, use this app to start a re-design and/or re-branding of your office space.

This week's episode was sponsored by Bolt Tape.

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