Episode 25- ChiroSocialTech Raw Live- Bonus Interview with Dr. Ryan Bones

Episode 25

Episode 25- ChiroSocialTech Raw Live- Bonus Interview with Dr. Ryan Bones

Your weekly BYTE of Chiropractic Social Media and Technology Tools to implement and elevate your practice growth.

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Dr. Ryan Bones is our MOST WATCHED Live interview and a MUST LISTEN!!

He is owner and chiropractor of Beyond Bones and President of ChiroSushi with my co-hort, Tristan Schaub. There is so much I could say about Dr. Bones and why you should listen to this, from gracing TEDx stages to growing a highly successful business in a community where he knew no one to creating a culture in that community.

In this episode I wanted to go through the beginning to now, how social media and online marketing tools helped Dr. Bones to start his practice, meet people in a town where he knew no one, to how he leveraged it in the first year to how he uses it to nurture and grow referrals and build culture in his community now.

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Quality of Images, Audio and Video is very important to Dr. Bones. Don’t miss the end of the episode where he lists out how to choose your tech tools and his MacGyver microphone.

Font Candy Pro- Dr. Bones FAVORITE app to brand photos.  It’s all worth the under $5 cost to upgrade.

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