Episode 26- ChiroSocialTech Raw- Facebook Live

Episode 26

Episode 26- ChiroSocialTech Raw- Facebook Live

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In this ChiroSocialTech Raw Facebook Live (syndicated into podcast show) your hosts, Nicole Cowley and Tristan L. Schaub are giving you everything you need to know about Facebook Live!

You know, Tristan and Nicole love Facebook Live for their businesses, ChiroSocialTech and ChiroSushi, but what about using Facebook Live for a local Chiropractic office.  What do you say, when do you do it, why do you do it, how do you do it?  We break it all down in the episode.

You can now Go Live on Facebook

  • Pages

  • Groups

  • Events

  • Personal

  • AND Stories

You can Go Live from

After you Go Live you can

  • Download and re-purpose to YouTube, Podcast, Email, Other Social Media Sites

  • Change the content with the video

  • Like and respond to comments

  • Adding any links from things mentioned in show

  • Sharing to other places on Facebook, like your personal page or a local facebook group

Get 101 Video Ideas from Chirosocialtech- https://chirosocialtech.com/take-action/

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