Episode 13- ChiroSocialTech Raw Top Ten for Events and Social Media

Episode 13

Top Ten Cool Ways You Can Promote You Event on Social Media

Your weekly BYTE of Chiropractic Social Media and Technology Tools to implement and elevate your practice growth.

Are you hosting or participating in any community events. I love events and social media because you are bringing awareness to them by using marketing methods and posting content across media platforms, but there then has to be that opportunity.  What do they do next, many times there is a step between becoming aware of you and your services and them purchasing or scheduling an initial consult.

Events are a very informal, yet formal and successful next step.

These can work for 10K’s your hosting, marketing ladies night out, a wellness talk, a dinner with the doctor, a lunch and learn, corporate spinal screening or a wellness fair.  
  1. Create a SnapChat Geofilter

  2. Create Shareable content, like meme’s for your event

  3. Go live with affiliates and sponsors of the event

  4. Use Instagram Stories and now also share them to your Facebook Stories with one button

  5. Run a boosted post on your sponsor and/or affiliates of events pages

  6. Pin a video about the event on Facebook and Twitter

  7. Create an Adwords on google and also create one for any competitor events

  8. Create a Facebook Event

  9. Connect pen to print to digital

  10. EMAIL


Nicole's Tech Tools are to assist in your Geofilter creation:



Tristan's Tech Tool is a group to dive deeper into your chiropractic marketing as a whole:

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