Episode 18- ChiroSocialTech Raw - #TechThursday Need to Know Social Updates

Episode 18

Episode 18- ChiroSocialTech Raw - #TechThursday Need to Know Social Updates

Not only is Facebook updating at a faster rate, but there are now more social media marketing platforms than ever that are also continuously improving and developing their platforms for an ultimate better user experience.

Tristan Schaub is a Co-Founder of ChiroSushi and Nicole Cowley is the founder of ChiroSocialTech.com  Together they are deeply connected to digital marketing and staying in the know of what’s new and what works for Chiropractors and Chiropractic.

In this week’s episode we are announcing a brand new update as of the date this was recorded in Instagram and how you can use it.

If you aren’t using Instagram in your marketing strategy, you are greatly missing out on being able to cultivate your business locally.

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Canva App- For creating snapchat geo filters and Instagram/Facebook Story content

Cut Story App- Cut a video into short 15 second video story chunks


Mevo- Take your content to the next level by capturing HQ video footage.

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