Episode 15- ChiroSocialTech Raw- What Not to Say in a Facebook Ad

Episode 15

Your weekly BYTE of Chiropractic Social Media and Technology Tools to implement and elevate your practice growth.

What Not to Say in a Facebook Ad

It is very important to understand the Facebook Policies before running your first Facebook Ad.  Not only can your ad get denied, Facebook could shut down your whole ad account.  

In this #TechThursday podcast episode recording, Tristan and Nicole dive into the most important policies that can get your ad either denied or worse, account shut down.  

As Facebook continues to grow and attempts to manage millions of advertisers, they continue to update their policies.  It is important that if your ad was denied, and you’ve read and understood policies and believe it was a mistake, to appeal the decision.  This will enable an actual person to review and allow for a more objective response.

Many rejected ads have been approved after appealed that I have ran for clinic’s over the past few years.

Tristan and Nicole each have a program designed to ensure your team succeeds with these digital ad tools.  Message either one of us to get a free consult and set up of your Facebook Ad!

Tristan- facebook.com/chirosushi

Nicole- facebook.com/purduenicole


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