Month 3: The Growth Phase

Week 3: UGC or User Generated Content

WHY is it important?

The use of user-generated content has been prominent in the efforts of marketing online, especially among millennials.[36] A good reason for this may be that 86% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding which brands they support, and 60% believe user-generated content is not only the most authentic form of content, but also the most influential when making purchasing decisions.[37]

WHAT is User Generated Content?

For marketing purposes, it is when your audience shares about you (authentically and organically) on their own social media profiles or website(s).

This is not the same as leaving you a review online.

HOW do you get started?

One of the biggest industries to thrive online with UGC is travel and hospitality. You are at a restaurant and take a picture of your food and post it to Instagram. That is UGC.

So how does that work for a chiropractic office? I take my son in for his visit and take a picture of him being so good sitting on the chair getting his spine checked and post it to my social media account(s).

When I have done this, I have almost immediately received messages of “Where did you take him?” “What exactly does the chiropractor do during the visits?” “How should I find a chiropractor in my area?”

Do you have a #Hashtag for your office?

This can greatly encourage UGC and help you find it online when shared.

#indychiro #myindychiro #chiroindy #indysubluxation #iamadjustedindy #alignedindy #indyaligned

** I would make it local to separate yourself from the mass.

Create a UGC Campaign

You see this all the time, recently at the Children’s Museum. Share your child’s photos playing today using the #hashtag and by tagging us @socialhandle to be entered to win free museum tickets.

  • You could create signage (for reception room table), put a slide/image on your reception room broadcasting display, send it out in an automated email sequence, and then.. share the winners and the UGC to your social media accounts for others to see what/how and build excitement


Be Sure You Have Permission to Share

Authorization Form