August 1 - December 31st, 2018

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Chamber I

Introductory- The Big Picture Training

Chamber II

Social Media Platforms

Chamber III

Additional Online Marketing Vault Resources

Chamber IV

Marketing Campaigns

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Check out the program offerings script we are building the module and module session layout.  

Start using any information we provide.  Ask away in Facebook group to get ahead!

Preview the Outline Script for the Strategy Session Build Out of the Local Wellness Program Module.  Leave comments in the Facebook group or email them to nicole@chirosocialtech.com.  This program is going to be PACKED with details to walk you along every step.

CLICK HERE to access the PDF in The Safe

Housekeeping Items:

We have a goal to keep the integrity of this Vault including the Facebook Group private and worthy of your time.  With that said, the rules will be simple but firm.  Do not share your information with anyone outside of your office, the costs are incredibly reasonable for any doctor or student or any other business or individual to purchase an access.  You can and are encouraged to invite your team in!  If YOU own multiple office, let me know, let's talk.  We will make it work, that's not what this rule is for ;)

For the Facebook Group:

There are rules in the Facebook Group that you are expected to follow and you will be removed from the Vault or the Facebook Group with no warning if something is brought to our attention that is deemed deserving.


To Contact ChiroSocialTech:

Text/Call- (415) 529-4338- Name, Clinic, Number, Message- Mention Vault for faster response 

FB Msg- http://facebook.com/purduenicole- SUBJECT: Vault

Email- nicole@chirosocialtech.com- SUBJECT: Vault

2 Online Consultations:

Your office is allowed up to 2 one on one consultations to do a deeper walk through on anything.  This can be scheduled at your convenience by going to--> http://chirosocialtech.youcanbook.me

Aligning your online marketing for optimal return by fixing your #SocialSubluxation

The Safe

The Safe is a google drive main folder that contains the additional resources and done for you content you see here.  The safe will be updated regurarly and you will get a notice with a direct link the Facebook Group when items are added to the Safe for your use.