Hello and Welcome to the ChiroSocialTech Strategy Vault.  

My name is Nicole Cowley and I am the Creator of this Strategy/Training Vault. Before we jump into the individual social media platform sessions, let's talk big picture.  

I highly recommend you watch these two introductory videos with your team and then create a plan and schedule for completing the rest of the Vault after completing the Intro Video Session 2.

After watching these two videos you will see, the Vault is broken down into modules and each module is broken down into 2 Levels.  

      Level 1:  The video will go through the main takeaways and training for said topic.  AKA UPPER LEVEL

      Level 2:  The actionable items to complete after watching the Level 1 strategy/training video.  AKA LOWER LEVEL

The doctor may go through Level 1 of the Vault, while the Level 2 action items are outsourced or the doctor may outsource Level 1 and Level 2 of the modules.

It isn't expected that the modules will be watched and completed as a team.   Rather after watching these two video's below, really define your roles in the process.  Talk about who would be 

1. Good at what

2. Have time for what.

3. Not be good at.

4. Not have time for. 

Intro Video Session Strategy 1

Introducing the first strategy:  The ChiroSocialTech Way

Mastering Repurposing Content

Content IS the KING of Online Marketing

The secret sauce, the key to any winning social media begins and ends with the content created.  Be it original, profound, funny, witty, catchy, blatantly and utterly dumb, what have you, the content is what wins online.  People ultimately do determine what they want to watch.  Albeit, you can help by using techniques and strategies such as those you learn here in the Vault to ensure your content is accessible, is seen, is given to a targeted potential patient (and therefore was built for that targeted potential patient).  I

Now consider your content does not need to go viral to be considered a return, a return of predominately your time only to this point. It only needs to ensure it is seen by actual potential patients of your's and that is contains characteristics that will help increase the likelihood it CONVERTS the reader/viewer into an action taker.  Refer you, share you, buy from you.  Know, Like and Trust You.

Conversion IS the QUEEN of Online Marketing

In the re-purposing video above, you will learn how to take a singular piece of content and turn it into multiple pieces that can be shared in multiple ways that can reach multiple viewers.  In the below video, which is all about FUNNELS, you will learn key strategies and techniques to help content convert. 


Your content can't speak to everyone at once. 

You can't engage with everyone in the same voice, tone and with the same message.

You will see higher conversions when you really work through defining who your ideal patient is.  Down to being able to literally picture a person in your head.  Then and only then can you create content, language, presentations, videos, and become known, liked and trusted by that audience.  

Between watching the two introductory videos, which I recommend you give a day or two, work through your ideal patient.  Look below the video to work through a quick mind map to begin to open your mind on how to effectively do this.  

After watching the funnels video and while working through, you may determine you have really more than 1 ideal patient.  That's ok.  But first, identify your single ideal patient. Let the others flow from it. 

Your office will be structured either with a single core funnel or you will have multiple funnels.  I like to refer to multiple funnels as silos.  If you have this concept laid out and thought through at least in your head before watching this 2nd strategy session, you will get that much more from it.

Intro Video Session Strategy 2

You can't Target, Let alone ReTarget, until you know who you are looking for. Or who is looking for you. Or who you want to be looking for you.

Work through this Mind Map to Identify

  1. Your Current Patient Base
  2. Your Ideal Patient Base
  3. What got you HERE
  4. What will get you THERE

The ChiroSocialTech Way

Ultimately, you will get out of this Vault what you put into it.  It is recommended that you start with the Facebook Modules and watch and complete those in order, then the Facebook Ad Modules and then you can flow throughout the course as your needs best align.

The Facebook secret group for Vault Members and their team only is your spot to get real time information, answers and additional training from Nicole.