1. Download The Ultimate ChiroSocialTech Social Media Content Calendar

You can determine to use this as a Guide or a Bible.  But you must edit it to fit your office personality. You also don't have to be as rigid as keeping to the content ideas for each day, however using them as inspiration when you aren't sure what to post.

2. Determine how often you want to post.

You do want to shoot for a minimum of 4 posts/week to 1 post/day but can post up to 5 times per day if it deems necessary.

Don't ever, post just to post.  It's not worth your time in organic reach.  Focus on posting during the prime times and with content worthy posts that will create engagement (discussed more in Facebook Module Video 4)

3. Schedule time each week to work on Social Media.

You know you and how you work and your schedule the best.  There's no right or wrong here.  Most successful marketing campaigns on social media are created way in advance and scheduled.  Meaning you can set a block on one day a week or schedule out various times throughout week or the best and most recommended is schedule 1/2 hour to hour each day.