1. Set up IFTTT

- Create an Account.  To remember and keep the accounts you are creating throughout the training easily, set up a LastPass Account.  All passwords can be generated, stored and shared securely and very easily as well as give you accessibility across many devices.  I use the LastPass Chrome Extension and Smartphone App as well.  

2. Create your first Applet in IFTTT <---------------  Follow the short video tutorial below

3.  If you haven't set up these other social media platforms yet, such as Instagram and Twitter, you have two options.

- Establish an IFTTT and LastPass Account and make note in your Vault Notepad to add the applet(s) when you go through the Instagram and Twitter Modules later in this Vault.  


- Establish your IFTTT and LastPass and Twitter and Instagram and get them all set up and connected and then when you get to the Instagram and Twitter Modules you can move forward with priming the initial set up.

It IS RECOMMENDED that you continue to the Facebook Ads Module after this before moving on to Instagram as your 3rd Module Series and then Twitter as your 4th.