1. Say this statement to yourself, "Social Media Marketing is not a popularity contest."

Just because your posts didn't get engagement, does not mean it was a bad post and just because your post receives tons of Like and Comments doesn't mean it created any sort of ROI for you.

You can use marketing tactics all day that can create large numbers and high KPI's inside of Social Media that LOOK and FEEL great but are really doing little to nothing for your business.  

For example, I have seen many of my clients when I initially set up with them that have many likes/followers of their accounts.  But when I dig deeper, those are all family, other providers, group members, and very little percentage of patients and/or even better non patients that live locally that like/follow their page.  So 1.5K views on a video that you posted that all of your colleagues share is different than 1.5K views that was boosted and targeted in your local area outside of your current Facebook Fans.  It isn't about right and wrong or good and bad, it's about knowing what your numbers mean, on the real level!

What do you do with this information?  First, don't put too much into a posts engagement as far as a critique of if your staff or you are creating worthy content.  Continue to improve content and use the methods and strategies learned here to connect with your audience.  However, if you do see that a post or piece of content is getting a large engagement, then you can put money behind it to target it in your local community AND learn by studying the details of the post to determine why it is creating the engagement.  

2.  Run a Share, Like, Comment Contest.  

If you are able to do so, a go big or go home concept with this does WORK!  If possible, think local as well.

Examples (share in the Vault Facebook Group!):

    - Local Restaurant Gift Certificate and Movie Tickets and Bottle of Wine

    - Local Tickets to an Athletic Event or Other Local Event

    - Think relative to your business, so maybe a year's membership to a fitness place

   -  Not one, but a package of 4 Massages

3.  Choose one of your #days in your content calendar to be a Question day.  Determine a theme for your office for that #QuestionDay

Share examples in the Vault Facebook Group:

  - Have you, Would you, What would you, Should we, Do you like, Do you prefer, Either this or that <---------------  Use these statements to build FUN questions

  - Scavenger/Quiz Type Questions that get people thinking and are educational on Chiropractic

  * Another way to increase engagement, is to comment on people's comments with more questions <--------------- If someone says, I love this on your post.  You could say, "Awesome, what do you love about it?" 

To get engagement, be engaging.  This can be also on other people's posts and other pages.  Engage with other local business.  Review them, tag them, give them a like and share ;)  

  * Missed opportunity seen a lot you can capture:  If you do events in other businesses (such as a Lunch and Learn or Dinner w/ Doc), like the other companies business page, tag them in a photo or post pre, during, and after.  Not just on Facebook, but one of the first things your marketing person should do in these scenarios is search that company/organization/group on Google and go to their website.  On their website is where many will link to the social platforms they live on.  In my experience, church's are all over Twitter.  Schools are all over Twitter.  Other Healthcare Professionals are all other Linkedin.  Small Businesses such as retail, cafe's and wellness are all over Instagram.  If you don't have time to attend networking events OR (EVEN BETTER) you want to capitilze on networking, go to your social media apps late night, early morning and search your city, across all of them, and start following, friending and favoriting all their SHIT as much as you possible can ;)  Pardon the Language!   (The vault gets fun and rewarding, if you pay attention)