1. Create a custom header image and profile image and update it's description with your CTA (call to action).

If you are not using a photo editing software, you can check out this Canva Training which is what we use at ChiroSocialTech.  It is free and very easy to learn and use to create just about any custom image you may want or need.  The benefit for this video training in using Canva is that it has the image sizes already created as templates for you to use.

Share your image in the Facebook Private Group (post or direct message) if you want any feedback. 

2.  Edit your Tabs Order and add any custom tabs that you want to connect.  

If you want to add let's say an Instagram tab, but you don't have Instagram yet, make a note of this in your Facebook Module Video 2 notes so when you do have Instagram and when you are going back through to ensure you are completing all the steps you want to implement, you will have your note and which video shows you how to do that ;)

You can create a WooBox account for Free, log in with your Facebook account, and add custom images to tabs.  Those custom images can be created in Canva.

3. Pin a Post.  

If you have an idea for a pinned post content piece you want to create for this, make a note of that in your Vault Notepad.  For example, a welcome video or office tour video.  

Put in your calendar a month later to change your pinned post.  You can determine at that point if you want to change your pinned post as you create new, worthy content OR if you want to schedule it monthly to quarterly and schedule creating content specifically for that placement.

This space is prime real estate on your Facebook Page.  It is the first thing someone will see as they begin to scroll your page.  It puts you in control of what people find when they search you.  It always allows you to start to tell your story with people that are searching and finding your page.