1. Go to the ChiroSocialTech VIP Facebook Page and request to be added if you aren't already a member.  This is going to be an excellent resource to put the training into action, get real time, real life examples and support and guidance all along the way.  You may be asked to verify team members in your office before they are accepted into the Facebook Group.  Please do also let us know if we need to remove team members from the group.  

There are rules listed in the group that you will be required to adhere to.  Mostly, be respectful and enjoy your right to CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM or no criticism at all.  This is meant to be a safe place to get marketing answers regarding specifically the use of Social Media and Technology platforms.  The integrity of the group will not be tolerated.

2. Purchase a tablet (a PAPER tablet ;)) just for this course and take notes under each module series.  You will love this list as you go to set up your profiles and as you begin to outsource.  You can not only give them access to the Vault and to me through the Facebook Group, but also give them your list of what you highlighted from the videos to be of most relevance for you.  You are NOT expected to implement everything inside this Vault.  

*(Save paper and create a list on your smartphone's notepad or an app like Trello or Evernote)

3. Choose a goal date and put it in your calendar for finishing this first series of the Vault, the Facebook Module Videos.  Back out and schedule each of the next 4 sessions in your calendar. Give yourself at least two days to watch the video and complete the action items before moving on to the next.   In addition to scheduling time to watch each video in your calendar, schedule at least half an hour the day after to jump into Facebook and your planning sheet and get some of the steps done.  

Recommended:  2 Weeks to Complete the Facebook Modules

Recommended:  Go through the Videos with your Team and/or with your Spouse