1. Define your Audience and Goals

- In your Vault notes, define your target audience and then from there we will work through goals.  To help you do this, start by considering your current audience.  Who do you see in your office (if you are brand new, this is obviously, just who do you want to see).  Once you understand who you are currently seeing, you may think of your current marketing and why that does or doesn't align with who you want to be seeing.

Really define your audience as detailed as you can.  

Examples:  Pregnant women, Children, Athletes, Working Professionals, Families, Personal Injury

Be as specific with your goals as you can.  

Examples:  1,000 Facebook Page Likes, 10 New Patients from Facebook by said Date, Create Video Content Strategy, Create Blog Content Strategy, X # of People at Event

*with a defined audience and measurable goals, your opportunity is not only optimized by unstoppable! 

2.  Create your Facebook Ads Account and add a payment method if you haven't already.  To get more assistance on this, please schedule a time to work with ChiroSocialTech one on one by 


3.  Define your Facebook Ads Budget.

Use the resource below to help guide you through defining how to best work an ad budget for your office.  Setting this up ahead of time will allow your team to just run ads and work with A/B image testing and copy testing to ensure you get optimal results.