Video Session 1- Putting together Local Google SEO Results and your YouTube Channel



1. Setup your YouTube Channel

A.  Create Channel Art in Canva, Confirm Congruent Profile Image, add Channel Description including links and using local keywords.   

2. Advanced Settings

A.  Choose featured content video, insert your keywords, verify your associated website, input your google tracking code. 

3. Upload Video- Key Steps you Must Know

A. Exact same name for Video Title, video raw file, custom thumbnail file and first line of description.  

B. Pasting Transcription in Description and adding Timestamps OR a deep, think local keyword and what video was about, when writing.  Always end with a call to action, IE Schedule your consult and exam at  Follow us on social media at, then include your actual links to profile (

C. Insert local keywords and keywords that where in your video and in your description.  Keep consistent messaging through title to video to text to keywords for full optimization

D. Copy all of description and paste into Share This.  Check Google Plus and YouTube

E.  Create an overlay to enable people to click over to your website at the end of the video 

F.  After published, go back and edit to add cards and closed captioning