Reach the Top



1. Create or Login to the Doctor's Linkedin 'Personal' Profile

A.  Whether the staff or chiropractor is completing this section, it is important to start with filling out and connecting and messaging with the doctor's profile first and then work on your's.

B.  You do want to create a Showcase Company page for your clinic.  This doesn't have to be managed as much as be a directory type listing and a place that your staff can add in their professional history.  This step greatly helps with the Linkedin professional resume and credibility piece.  Remember each site is unique with it's own purpose and vision. 

C.  BONUS:  Add a YouTube Video to the Media Section in the doctor's profile when filling out clinic information.  

2. Add/Connect Local

A. Search your City, State and look for local groups to join.  

B.  Then click back to the people tab in search and using same City, State search you can start to connect with other local professionals.  

3. Messaging

A.  The gold in Linkedin is in the messaging.  You will inevitably begin to get many requests and messages from others that want to sell you (the doctor) on something.  You may even get one from me some time via VitaLogics!  I use this if there is a good return when I search locally.  If there is a large network, I work through mostly HR directors and recruiters as they are going to be "living" inside the platform more frequently.  Other sales professionals locally are another great option.  The key is having something to message them about.  

i. I use Linkedin in private coaching with Chiropractic offices to really target people that I am looking to connect with.  This may be for an opportunity to schedule a Lunch and Learn with their company/organization or attend an annual event they have.  This could be other local healthcare professionals.  So in one way I will go through and add connections in Linkedin through searches described above.  Another way is, I will have a spreadsheet of names of companies listed out in categories that I want to connect with (and we have discussed the why).  This gets more detailed in Chamber 3- Marketing Events Module.  (coming soon)  I will search those companies across the board, when I get to Linkedin, I go through and look through their employees to find the one I think is the gatekeeper I should connect with to achieve my goal.  Many times that is HR if scheduling a wellness event of some sort or inquiring if they have a health fair.  If I have an event, maybe a Dinner with Doc or educational series in your office that they could send out an email and invite their employees to attend.  You can send attachments in Linkedin Messaging so adding an event flyer that is done for them and BRANDED with their logo.  (  If it's another healthcare provider then determine your focus.  Would they refer patients to you, why?  Who are their patients?  If you are a chiropractor that specializes, this path is much easier to connect (or funnel!).  Chiropractor that sees predominately pregnant women, you're Webster certified and also see the babies and mom's post partum.  Connect with doulas and OB's and breastfeeding consultants and other related professionals.  You can focus on looking for moms groups and nursing groups on Linkedin (and Facebook).   This is where we talk about identifying who you are looking for and who you are talking to on social media will go the furthest when it comes to your return on investment.