1. Stories-  The profiles that have circles at the top of your Instagram Feed have created a Story that only available for 24 hours and does not store in your profile or feed.  

Stories are a GREAT way to get your logo and your brand on top of your audience's feed.  You can take a picture of 

  a. Your Office as you come in one morning

 b.  Your Outside and Inside Signage

 c.  You Office Hours

  d. You and Your Staff

  e. Your tools, tables and equipment

  f. Short Video Tip

  g. Image or Any Flyer you have in your office

  h. Other Local Businesses

  i. Community Events

  j. Promoting an Events

*You still always want to think like a healthcare clinic and draw your line between fun and professional; however, Stories is your place to be more lax as the information doesn't store past 24 hours (Anyone that sees it, still could screen shot it)

2.  Promoting a Post- Instagram is owned by Facebook and you will set ads up in the Facebook Ad Platform for your Instagram account.  You can run an ad and only select Instagram as the placement, or if you select automated placements, it will place a sponsored version of the post in Instagram for you.  You actually DO NOT even have to have an Instagram account to run a sponsored post on Instagram.. CRAZY.  

  a. Promoting a post is the ONLY way to make a post have a link on Instagram.  This can be a sole good reason, to drive traffic to a landing page.

  b. This is the only way to INJECT your post into your niche targets newsfeeds.  And you are in full control of the amount of money you invest into your marketing ad campaigns.  From as little as $10 for a single day ad (not necessarily recommended)-- $10/day for 5 days would be a good minimum ad to run and get results.