Video Strategy Session 2- The Reasons You Go Live!



Define a Live Strategy

1.  Go Live on a Whim

Rather, a consistent whim.  Determine you will go live once a week or a couple of times a month, but not on a set day and time. 

2.  Go Live on a Schedule

Make it a show, in fact.  Create a campaign to drive people to your weekly show.  Give it a title and use the title and subtitle in your campaign creative creation and targeting.

3. Go Live at Events

Are you doing Lunch and Learns, workshops in your office, or maybe Dinner with Docs?  Do these talks Live on Facebook.  Create an event and push people to the Live or the Live Facebook, whichever fits their schedule better.  The important part is they get this information.  Many just simply can't make it.   Watch the video closely for key tips when doing your events on Facebook Live.

4. Vlogging

Daily blogging of your life, persay, is Vlogging.  The Face Dots at the top of your Instagram, Facebook and Messenger and the whole SnapChat app are centered around the idea of Vlogging.  That everyone wants to partake in your life, throughout your day.  What you eat, why you do what you do when you do it where you do it.  Live the Chiropractic Lifestyle, if that's your thing, on Facebook.  You can do short Facebook Live morning, Make your Smoothie, videos.  

**** BONUS TIP:  You can now also give Live contributors access to your page.  With this you could have a Yoga instructor or nutrition expert for example Go Live on your Page.  You could have someone in your office, maybe a Rehab specialist or personal trainer do live segments or their own live shows on your channel.  Think, "This message is sponsored by ABC Chiropractic of Indianapolis"  type of thing.