Local Wellness Community Module

Under Construction.  Click through the PDF Files underneath images to get the structure of the Wellness Community Module.  This will continue to be developed throughout the 5 months. (The images themselves are not yet clickable to the video)

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VIDEO Series Ideas



Facebook Groups are BIG right now on Facebook.  What Facebook knows is that people interact with people. And people are using Facebook to engage with communities of other like minded people  Groups have been created for a variety of purposes and people and Facebook says the engagement in them is GOLD.

People do not want to be sold to. This was proven with the little to no engagement many Facebook Business pages saw for years. It was the entertaining, creative, relevant, engaging content that people chose to consume. Facebook understanding they need their Users first, changed their platform to give them what they want. Hence, they more engagement your posts get, the more ORGANIC impressions Facebook will give you.

Facebook Groups is now where Facebook is investing much of their development and energy.  

"Currently, 1 billion Facebook users are part of groups, but only about 100 million are part of groups they would describe as meaningful, Zuckerberg said. For many, these groups can range from support networks for people experiencing or recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, like Affected by Addiction Support Group, to religiously-focused groups like Original Free Will Baptist Church group, run by a minister in Decatur, Georgia, who uses the app to chat with congregation members and share live videos of sermons to allow people to watch from their homes. Zuckerberg said Facebook has set a new goal to help 1 billion people join meaningful groups.

“A billion is a pretty important number in that, if we can do that, that will essentially reverse the whole decline in community membership around the world and start regrowing it to a point where it will have positive social effects,” Zuckerberg said.

Moving forward, a major new area of emphasis in Facebook’s product roadmap is building features that encourage users to find and join more groups that will be meaningful to them, as well as to make it easier for community leaders and Group admins to run groups and create new ones. It isn’t unusual for admins of large groups to spend several hours per day managing tasks like vetting requests from users to join, approving posts or addressing flagged content." - SOURCE- FORBES


STEP 1 is to just get the Name of Your Group Determines, Group Admins Established and Group on Facebook Created