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Some Google Basics to Know and Your Local Office - #SocialSubluxation

What is a Card?

The latest and greatest in Local Google SEO is that the search results are not in the format of "cards".   For a local business your card is your directory listing.  Google is continuously updating what is applicable with the cards.  The most recent update, which was announced in The Vault Facebook group (ensure you check the group consistently if you missed it), is a local business listing will now have a tab in their Google Card for a post. '

More on cards, click here

Posts with Google

And we aren't talking about Google + here!

The posts are similar to that of a post on Facebook. You can have context, link and an image.  

1. Run a Contest

2. Push to a Single Landing Page on your Website

3. Push people to a social media site you are increasing following on

4. Announce any office specials, coupons, campaigns, events, announcements, discounts

5. When running a full marketing campaign now include this Google post as one of your places to create and deliver content

6. Post a welcome and that you are currently accepting new patients

Google and Facebook

The top two digital advertising sites and the top two sites your audience is located on.  99% of all of the digital growth from advertising online in the United States in 2016 came from Facebook and Google.  That's powerful.  They are now beginning to play together more because of their dominant stature.

You will see circled above in your Google Card there is a link and an overall review rating to your Facebook Reviews.  I recommend focusing your efforts on building Google and Facebook reviews only (forget Yelp!) and making it a continuous systematic process in your office.  Ideally this will be through an email automated campaign you have set up that is sent to new patients around their 5th to 6th visit.

Google Products for your Local Business

  1. Google Business Listing (Establish and/or update your Google Listing)
  2. Google Chrome (and Chrome Extensions)
  3. Google Calendar (will sync to VitaLogics EHR)
  4. Gmail (Google has a BAA can sign for HIPAA if communicating PHI information with patients)
  5. Google Drive (Can then add "The Safe" to your Drive)
    1. Many sharing capabilites and further tools inside of Drive for you and your team to use and collaborate with.  Do share what's worked inside The Vault Facebook Group.  
  6. Google Cloud Print (connect printers to web to print from any device, just about anywhere)
    1. Check out HP InstaInk for automated refill of ink at incredibly low prices
  7. Google Voice (What I love, give my cell phone access out without giving my actual number out)
  8. Google Webmaster Tools (MUST add and verify your site)
  9. Google Analytics (MUST we look at on at least a weekly basis, you could even get away with looking at monthly.  But very important to know how many people go to your site, where they go on your site, how long they stay on your site, what page do they exit off of your site and where are they coming from when get to your site)
  10. Google Site (Free custom landing page.  We suggest doing landing pages on your own website, if not possible we've also recommended sites like Eventbrite for events and Medium for blogging.  Google site is another option)
  11. Google Translate (Add translation to your website.  Do you see, or would you like to see, more spanish speaking patients from your community? This tool could be very beneficial)
  12. YouTube (If you haven't watched the YouTube module video session yet, it goes through many gold SEO tips for YouTube videos)
  13. Local Business Training Resources from Google
  14. Google Books- (full indexed books- staff training, add patient value by giving links in email marketing and social content)