The Ultimate Chiropractic Social Media Strategy Vault- Chamber III

Branding, Online Presence and Additional Marketing Event Resources- #SocialSubluxation

Actionable Steps After Reading Training Presentation

1.  Watch the Marketing Events Additional Resources Facebook Live Video in The Safe

2. Marketing Calendar

     A. Get a Quarter or Annual Large size calendar to fill out the big events, local happenings, closings, out of office, holiday's to make note of and any additional things unique to your office to consider in an overall scheduling of office and marketing schema.

    B.  Each month a marketing meeting on your calendar should be scheduled out (in advance) to schedule out your big events and calendar items into weekly and even daily calendar items as well as doing a pre month closeout and follow up and upcoming month preparation.  These meeting could be just you as sole owner and employee or you and your marketing manager or you and your whole team.  Make this a consistent, scheduled, committed part of your calendar.

3. Trello

    -Use Trello to create systems and processes that are easy and quick to follow and train on.  This is helpful rather solo, partnership or team.