The Ultimate Chiropractic Social Media Strategy Vault

Blogging Module- #SocialSubluxation


Is blogging dead? 

NO! Obviously, absolutely not.  Blogging is actually more encouraged now maybe than ever.

The purpose is the goal with your blog.  Boost SEO, Increase Traffic to Website, Engage/Inform/Educate/Entertain and Audience.  Build an email list.  Elevate you to an expert on topics in blog.  Create quality, shareable content.  Build pieces to your online sales funnel. 

The idea of posting non stop to social media or as much as you can or even that you must post daily is and has been a not so smart social strategy.  The reason Facebook and other social media platforms organize for you the way content is injected into your newsfeed is because there is TOO MUCH content.  More content, therefore, not the answer.  

Relevant and Quality content is your answer over and over.  What is considered relevant and quality?  One strategy is to re-think about the Funnels video from Chamber I and ask is there a natural progression from seeing social post to clicking and landing on a relevant page?  Continuing the story, persay. 

Blog on your Website.  Ideally your blog will live on your website as it will then contribute to your local seo results, increase traffic to your website, connect your website to social media for a higher ROI you can measure.  Add sign up options to capture email contact information.  

If you can not blog on your website, you can use a 3rd party option.  Two recommendations are 

1. Linkedin Published Posts

2. Medium

Blogging can be done on a relevant, consistent schedule.  You do not have to be so strict as to have your publication out by Noon on Monday, for example.  But averaging 2 blogs per month for a local, chiropractic office can provide you great quality content power to connect your social media and email marketing activity to.

Blogging isn't just blogging

Blogging is no longer just writing.  Blogs can and should incorporate various media inside them.  Images, Video, Sound Files, Gifs, Slideshares, Infographics and Banner Ads are initial ideas.  "thinklocal can create images, infographics, slideshares and even the slides to a video you can put together to bring your blog to life. 

You can create your own banner ads for events, coupons, specials, or maybe local partnerships. for an example consistent blog image.  This can be created and copied easily in for each blog you write.  

Blog Headings

You do want to stop and spend time writing the heading of your blog.  The title is what will tell a person if they want to even click.  Test your Headlines with CoSchedule's free Headline Analyzer.   Tips for writing a converting and engaging headline:

1. Ask a Question:  How to get rid of Headaches Naturally?

2. Get Personal: The story on why I became a Chiropractor.

3. Use Lists (#'s): 10 Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Your Pregnancy

4. Answer Why Question: Why You would want to bring your toddler to a Chiropractor?

5. Technical: What an initial experience is like at ABC Chiropractic in Indianapolis, IN. 

** Bonus Tip, for SEO, consider local and consider keywords but do not "stuff" your blog.  Make it read smooth and natural with an effort to:

1. Inform

2. Educate

3. Demonstrate

4. Entertain 

In most website blogging platforms and even Linkedin you can embed the YouTube video by link or code right into the blog.  Videos can be inserted into your YouTube channel as private if it's only for your blog and not for your channel.   I am still testing Medium, but it seems to have great responses and reviews, and big names in the blogging industry are using it.  Free to use and has a network already there.  If you can't embed YouTube videos, you always can link to them.  Most images when inserted can be linkable, as well. 

Check out Medium-

Check out Linkedin-

The Full #ChiroSocialTech Re-Purpose Content

1. Complete Video on thought out subject.  Consider one a month to focus on quality of video. 

2. Use a service like Scribie to get a transcript of video. 

3. Can have a short animated version of your office logo/name created from a site like Fiverr.

4. Have closing video or slide to create call to action.  

5.  Upload video and SRT transcript file to YouTube following YouTube SEO Video in Chamber II tips

6.  Use Transcript to create a blog post on the topic where you can embed the video and add in any additional images or infographics to tell the story or demonstrate the concept/idea.

7.  On the blog post at the end you have different call to action options:

     a. Subscribe to Newsletter and ABC Chiropractic Email Updates

     b. Use Coupon to Schedule Initial Consult and Exam

     c.  Use these links to share this with your network

8.  The blog can be shared to your Facebook Page and I would event create a $5/day ad with it to drive more people to your website.  

9.   Important to have your Facebook Pixel on your website to retarget these ads and build warm(er) networks for future ads. 

The blog and youtube video are content peices that can be scheduled through Hootsuite to your Linkedin personal, page, group, Facebook local groups, twitter account(s) and with blog image Instagram accounts. 


List out the next 4 Blog Ideas and Put on Calendar to Have them Written By.  

STEP 2: 

Follow the above process