Month 5: SSS

Week 2: Stats

The most important stats you should be looking at are your OFFICE STATS!

Good social media marketing will lead to an increase in your overall office stats. Starting with your New Patients, but certainly not ending there.

It does not matter how many Likes, Comments you get. You can’t CASH THOSE AT THE BANK as they say :)

But, are your marketing efforts leading to an increase in business overall for your business.

With a SOLID SMM Strategy, you should see increases across the board:

  1. Increase in Referrals

  2. Increase in New Patients

  3. Increase in People Finding You Through Google

  4. Increase in PVA

  5. Increase in Patient Compliance

  6. Increase in Patient’s family members coming in

  7. Decrease in Marketing Budget :)

  8. Decrease in Objections!

  9. Prospect to Lead to New Patient %’s Increase

  10. Total Collections Increase

Are you able to track your numbers either through your Practice Management/EHR Software or manually?

Google Sheets can be your best friend!

How often are you looking at them and reviewing them with your team?

Only once you’ve started tracking and consistently reviewing the above data should you


We certainly are not saying to ignore your SM Stats.

The data from Google, Facebook, Email Marketing, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube will give you the details to understand your attraction with your audience.

Not only are all of these platforms FREE to use, they all give you a slew of FREE data to look at. We don’t recommend overwhelming yourself in this data, however. Again, your office stats are by far, most important.

Start with Google. The numbers and data will tell a story as you read it and give you the details you need to continue to grow.

2nd Focus, Email Marketing. Are people picking up what you’re putting down?!

Each email marketing platform will give you some reports, each slightly different. Just grab some time with ChiroSocialTech to dive into your reports deeper!

Do you have an email opt in on your website? How many new people have subscribed?

Do you have an auto email responder once they’ve opted in on your site? What are the % open rates for each of those emails?

  • Is there a drop off somewhere? Relook at the content in previous email.

  • The initial email after they opt in should be close to 100%. If it’s not, you really need to dig deeper into your Subject Line of that email AND are you going straight to their spam folder?

Existing Patient Nurture Campaign:

Opt Outs. More than people opening or not opening your emails, you want to check your opt outs to see if/when you are turning people off.

It’s important to keep in mind, even if your patient’s don’t open your nurture email series (or every email within), they are seeing you and the subject line :) TOP OF MIND

Social Media Stats

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest…

Social Media Funnel Components to Consider:

  1. Awareness- REACH




Learn more about the Tools available (paid and free) to help: