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Searchability and SEO

SEO- Search Engine Optimization

Is your website optimized for search; where do you rank on google?

When you do searches for “chiropractic your city,state”, “your name, city, state”, chiropractor near me etc you can see where you fall. But you must keep in mind, the factors below will effect your search results.

The type of device used for the search (desktop, laptop, phone, tablet),

  • Your personal search history

  • Whether you are logged in to a Google Account while searching

  • Your geographic location

  • What type of browser you are using

  • The number of Google Generated Ads on the page

  • What type of search you are doing

  • The phase of the moon (not really, but with Google you never know).

** You can also see when you are searching who is running ADS on those keywords you searched for

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Improve and Maintain High Google Local Search Results

“It’s unclear what Google’s formula is in the order of listings that it displays; however, generally speaking, the paid advertisement listings go on top, followed by a combination of highly-rated and nearby businesses, followed by unrated or low-rated businesses. It’s a good idea to communicate with your customers and urge them to leave you a rating if they were satisfied.

Will there come a day where you can pay for a higher spot in Google local or maps results? Probably, but that day hasn’t quite arrived yet and you can’t put a price tag on quality customer reviews. Keep working on building up your reviews and relevancy anyway.

Use our review scan tool to see where your reviews stand across all channels.” Via Webspec Design

Work with your website management company/person to determine a strategy to increase your search results if you aren’t in the Top 3 pack or on the 1st page. You will also want to ensure a strategy to maintain your spot.

Google Business Listing

Easily, navigatable dashboard to ensure your info is up to date. We recommend adding images and a Google Post to your listing.

SEO Tips to Get You Started:


  1. Ongoing review strategy in place

  2. Is your site Mobile Friendly

  3. Is your site searchable for the top local keyword and phrase searches

  4. NAP Citations on your site and other local/relevant online directories.

    1. NAP- Name, Address, Phone Number (current and consistent)

  5. On Page SEO

    1. Keyword in H1

    2. Keyword in title tag

    3. Keyword in URL

    4. Short and sweet URLs

    5. Enticing meta description

  6. Optimize your Home Page for your Location

    1. Indianapolis Chiropractic

    2. ABC Chiropractic, Indianapolis, IN

    3. Include your NAP and embed Google Map onto your home page

  7. Optimize Images and other multi-media on site

    1. Use a relevant image that matches your text.

    2. Pick a good file name for your image.

    3. Make sure image dimensions match the image size as displayed.

    4. Use srcset if possible.

    5. Reduce file size for faster loading.

    6. Add a caption, if appropriate, for easier scanning of the page.

    7. Use image alt text.

  8. Link Building

    1. Will get some with your NAP Citations (directory listings)

    2. Create content (blogs) for your local audience, using your locality in the title

    3. Guest blog for other local sites

    4. Submit press release information to your local news stations and papers

    5. Social Media, review and other online platforms

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