SMART GOALS- Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Bound

Engagement with Product/Service, Community Involvement, Email List Building, Increase Live Viewers, Increase Webinar Attendees, Increase Event Attendees, Increase Social Following

*Be intentional with the GOAL of your contest/giveaway

Know your Social Platforms TOS (terms of service)

GOOD INFORMATION from ShortStack - Click here

Also ShortStack’s Best Practices and Links to each platform’s current TOS- Click Here

ALSO IMPORTANT: While the giveaway’s you are doing are going to run under the radar of any legality concerns, it’s important to ensure you are working within your state’s regulations. If you are questionable, also consult your accountant and/or attorney for more professional advice. Some quick links to check out:


How does someone enter your contest?

Like/Subscribe to our Page (think Youtube and Instagram), Enter Email Address (fill out form), Send us an Image of How Chiropractic Makes you Feel, Share a video (30 seconds-5 minutes) of your chiropractic story, Join Facebook Live (comment Live to Win), Join Webinar, Attend an Event.


Many free software tools that allow you to copy/paste names and will randomly choose for you.

With the Photo and Video Submissions, you can have fun with these and post them after the submission date (posted in your Terms when they entered) and then choose the winner by whoever gets the most reactions on their photo/video by certain date.


Consistent small giveaway’s. Monthly. Choose the easier Call To Action routes, for example Like/Subscribe and Attend Live Facebook Video. Giveaway’s could be branded swag (nice sweatshirt and water bottle), $25 gift card, Free Session, 1/2 Hour Massage, Small Product (Essential Oil, Tape, etc)

Quarterly, Semi Annual or Annual BIG giveaways. Choose the “harder” call to actions, enter email, attend event, video/image submission. Giveaway’s could be $CASH gift card to Amazon or Visa, Relevant to your Audience, An Experience, High Value Gift Basket, Juicer or Mixer, Pillow, Custom Orthotics, Bed, etc

** Consider partnering with other related local businesses


Landing Page- Post and Pin on Facebook and Twitter, Run Facebook Ad, Create Facebook Event, Share on your Fb Live Videos, Use Instagram Posts and Stories to alert audience of contest, Email Marketing, Internally, and throughout Community.

3rd Party Tools to Boost your Campaign