M3W4- Community Building with Social Media Marketing

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Our online communities run parallel with our physical community.

Remembering that your social media platforms are communities within your community, just like an actual community, you must engage there to be relevant there. You must show up.

In Month 1 and 2 we really focused on understanding our people and platforms, so ideally by now you have grown a substantial percentage of your fans that are local to you.

Plug into your calendar/process to consistently:

  1. Follow Locally across the board

  2. Engage with local hashtags and posts/content

  3. Share a local post on average of at least once per week

  4. Engage with posts in your Instagram Feed to capture those posts using the local hashtags you follow. Pay attention to other local hashtags that come up.

  5. Comment and provide value and ask questions in local Facebook Groups.

  6. Search for a Local Linkedin Groups.

  7. Add Local Providers, Business Owners, Like Minded Local people with your personal Facebook and Linkedin.

  8. Consider using personal “Dr.” IG and Twitter accounts in addition to your business accounts, as people connect with people different than they connect with brands/companies.

  9. Check in, review and share locally as you go about your services and business

Engage Your Community:

  1. Create your own Facebook Group

  2. Interview local guest for your Facebook Live Shows

  3. As given permission, tag patients in your IG stories

  4. Consistent events using the Facebook Event Feature and re-purposing to other placements

  5. Using local vendors for team meetings and tagging them during (across platforms)

  6. Compliment Community Events on your social media pages and always tag the place and add location tags when possible. What do you attend in regards to networking, business, charitable, family, fitness, athletic events, gatherings, groups, local vendor and expos. Get pictures, where branded, nice clothes and share and tag across social. Expand your reach.

  7. If you are going to do a booth, consider the Talk Trigger factor. What will really make your booth stand apart and make people stop? (Let’s brainstorm this deeper in the Facebook Group!)

  8. Gathering local products/services/gift cards for your prizes and giveaway needs.

  9. If doing any sort of lunch and learns or catering, really consider using a local restaurant. I used to do this with an office and they used Subway. Made no sense, I asked if we could consider local.. More expensive. It may be, but it will be so much more worth your time and effort if you choose healthy, chiropractic advocate local business whenever possible. And pay the little extra :)

  10. Do your Facebook Live Shows strategically in your community. So people will see landmarks in background and stop in their feed. Now this can be challenging with noise and lighting, so consider how relevant this could be and work.

  11. Do you have a local hashtag #getindychiro #yourindychiro #indygetsadjusted

  12. Blog about local services, events, locations, happenings that are POSITIVE and complimentary.

  13. Host the local food trucks once per month. First Tuesday, every month. Easy, ongoing, brings traffic straight to your door. Share them and the event for sweet social exposure.

  14. Share local businesses and organizations in your Saturday Shop Local Instagram Story every week

  15. Create a snapchat filter for local happenings/events/fundraisers/campaigns

  16. Create a #TwitterChat monthly

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