Priming Your Social Media

What does "to prime something" mean: "prime something to make something ready for use or action"

Brief History:  

Search Engine Optimization became a thing because of the quantity of websites that came about. According to the Netcraft January 2018 Web Server Survey there are 1,805,260,010 (over 1.8 billion) websites.  We needed a way to filter through the masses to get to what we were looking for.

SEO continued to grow as competition grew.  SEO continued to adapt what they deemed as important in ranking websites.  In the beginning the rankings were related to more of the technical workings of the website.  As more and more websites all began to adapt to basic standards their criteria for rankings adapted.

We are seeing social media go through a similar process.  As Facebook users grew and grew, we first saw an algorithm be introduced (not indifferent to what SEO is to your Website). Now we are seeing the criteria to be delivered in that algorithm adapt as technology adapts and competition gets larger and better at their content quality.  (Just as we saw with Websites!)

Check out:



Tools from Video

1. Fiverr- Create quality content like profile image, logo, header graphics/video

2. Woobox- Create custom, static Facebook Tabs

3. Zingit Solutions- Create Online Appt Tab and more Text Related Patient Communication Campaign Options


Prime IG.png

Instagram is becoming the new "facebook", ironically enough, also owned by Facebook.

Above you will see the key aspects to consider and pay attention to to PRIME your IG profile.

We will be diving deeper into each platform in the Month 2 platform phase, this week is simply about getting your social media accounts set up and primed!