The Setup

Minimum social media profile accounts we recommend you have set up for your Business. 

Example Links next to pages, we recommend using the same business name where ever possible for your "handle" and URL (uniform resource locator OR simply the web address)

For right now, we just want to be sure to have each account set up and access to it.  Once we get each one established

  1. Add into Lastpass and share with anyone else helping to manage (except Facebook Page and Ad - will give their account permission in settings). 

  2. Create a CARD in TRELLO board called links and add each of the social media site links into a checklist on that card after created. 

Facebook Business Page --

Facebook Ad Account

You will create your Facebook Ad Account from your personal Facebook Page. Drop down the arrow in top right and go down to Create Ads. If you do not have an ad account, it will direct you to create one.  Facebook now requires you to create an ad in order to create your ad account.  So this module will be delivered to you deeper on Thursday this week. Stay tuned. 

Instagram Business Account -- instagram/purduenicole

If you don't have an Instagram, this is easiest created from your Facebook Business Page go to Settings and then Instagram and create account. If you already have one, then you want to go to your Facebook Business Page-- Settings- Instagram and Log In. 

Twitter --

YouTube -- You is interesting. It is owned by Google, so highly worthy of your time in creating a channel and optimizing it for local SEO search.  In order to get a unique YouTube URL, you have to have 100 subscribers (at least as of today's platform rules).  You will create your YouTube account using the same google account you use for Google my Business. You do want them to stay connected. This is the same account you used last week to get your Google Analytics code. 

Go to and login with your Google Account

In the Top right corner, click on your logo circle image and click on Channel.  Then follow the steps to create your channel. 

Linkedin --

Can have a personal page and company page -- Linkedin ranks high in Google Search Results. You set up your company page and then your team can tag that they work there. It's not something you will check often or need to post to. 

Pinterest --

Can login with your Google Business Account to easily create your business profile.  If you use Pinterest on a personal level, you may determine to just create a board for your Business, Chiropractic, Etc. 

Snapchat.. Map --


For your Profile and Cover images, you do want to have a consistent look and feel across all of your social media platforms.  When is the last time you got updated headshots?  How about a photo shoot of your office? Team?

This is a good time to schedule that and to work with someone local who can be an influencer on (Instagram) social media with you during this process. 

For dimensions, the first link gives you written text of every platform and the image dimensions. The second link gives you a graphical look at the platforms and image dimensions. 

Social Media Image Sizes- 2018 Cheat Sheet

Social Media Images and Video Sizes 2018

Facebook Header Video

A Facebook cover video must be a minimum of 820 x 312 pixels, with an official recommendation of 820 x 462 pixels. The video length must be between 20 and 90 seconds.

Here are a couple of free, easy platforms you can use to create fun, quick videos to showcase on your Facebook Page as a header video.

Priming Your Social Media

What does "to prime something" mean: "prime something to make something ready for use or action"

Brief History:  

Search Engine Optimization became a thing because of the quantity of websites that came about. According to the Netcraft January 2018 Web Server Survey there are 1,805,260,010 (over 1.8 billion) websites.  We needed a way to filter through the masses to get to what we were looking for.

SEO continued to grow as competition grew.  SEO continued to adapt what they deemed as important in ranking websites.  In the beginning the rankings were related to more of the technical workings of the website.  As more and more websites all began to adapt to basic standards their criteria for rankings adapted.

We are seeing social media go through a similar process.  As Facebook users grew and grew, we first saw an algorithm be introduced (not indifferent to what SEO is to your Website). Now we are seeing the criteria to be delivered in that algorithm adapt as technology adapts and competition gets larger and better at their content quality.  (Just as we saw with Websites!)

Check out:



Tools from Video

1. Fiverr- Create quality content like profile image, logo, header graphics/video

2. Woobox- Create custom, static Facebook Tabs

3. Zingit Solutions- Create Online Appt Tab and more Text Related Patient Communication Campaign Options


Prime IG.png

Instagram is becoming the new "facebook", ironically enough, also owned by Facebook.

Above you will see the key aspects to consider and pay attention to to PRIME your IG profile.

We will be diving deeper into each platform in the Month 2 platform phase, this week is simply about getting your social media accounts set up and primed!





This module by itself is worth every penny you spent for The Bootcamp!!! Do watch our YouTube Gold Module

For more on any of the platforms, we encourage you to check out Module II- The Platforms here in The Vault.

Also use your consults to work with ChiroSocialTech to be sure you are creating a solid foundation to build from and understanding it along the way.