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*YouTube is owned by Google.

  • Create your YouTube account using the same email you use for your Google Local Business account .. and email, calendar, drive.. all other amazing products Google gives us for free (or for our data, I should say)

  • Creating and maintaining a YouTube account CAN certainly help you with your local google seo search results.

  • Create your Channel and subsequent playlists. Start by getting your Basic videos done.

    • Welcome to ABC Chiropractic

    • Meet our Chiropractors

    • Meet our Team

    • What’s the Initial Visit Process Like with ABC Chiropractic?

    • Who Should Schedule a Visit at ABC Chiropractic?

    • When Should you see a Chiropractor- ABC Chiropractic?

    • ABC Chiropractic and Your Health!

    • The Keys to Maintaining a Healthy Spine?

    • How Can ABC Chiropractic Help You?

  • Ongoing, consistency is key with YouTube.

YouTube SEO- Must Watch Module

Podcast with chiropractor that has over 60K subscribers and MILLIONS of views! Best Practices, you heard it here first!


  1. You can have a Twitter Account for your Business

    1. Example @abcchiropractor

    2. AND You as a Person/Chiropractor @DrABC

  2. 280 Characters per post on Twitter, including links

  3. Add your Twitter account into Lastpass and share with anyone you want to help ypu manage (similar to IG)

  4. Hashtags are relevant on Twitter, but due to the character limit, usually just one or two

  5. I like using my on Twitter as well as Instagram

  6. Pin a Tweet

  7. Follow Local

  8. Retweet Local and Relevant

  9. You can post multiple times per day

  10. Go to to get free data on your account, sign in with same twitter credentials

  11. Go to Ads in the Analytics section to create CARDS that you can organically tweet (and maybe Pin :))

12. Create a list of Twitter posts in Google Sheets and Upload in Bulk Scheduler in Hootsuite

hootsuite twitter.png

13. Create Zaps with Twitter to help automate your posts —> Get Zapier

zapier twitter.png


  1. Completely set up (all or most all sections) and Prime your Personal Linkedin Profile (and add to your Lastpass)

    1. Rich media added

    2. Add articles

    3. Add slideshares

    4. Strong Title

  2. From a deskop—> Go to your Admin Tools —> Create a Showcase Page to create a Linkedin Company Page for your Business

    1. You and your employees can Tag the company page as where you work in your personal profiles

  3. Share Public Profile Links (personal and page with other social links- site, email, footers, print, other social channels, email marketing, etc.)

  4. Connect Local

  5. Connect with Other Providers

  6. Search your City and then select Groups to join any local Groups on Linkedin

  7. Share B2B, Your Blogs, your Podcasts and other originally created content to your profile

  8. You can add your profile into Hootsuite to share easier

  9. Use Zapier to Automate Posts to Linkedin

zapier linkedin.png


  • Set up and Prime your Profile by creating core boards that match your office’s services and audience. Consider using Tailwind to schedule pins.

  • Pinterest Save Button is a Google Chrome Extension that is really cool to easily share images as you come across them online

  • Upgrade to the (free) Business Account (from Desktop version is easier) for more analytics and tools

  • Edit your Settings to Add/Update Profile Picture, About Section and Link (could use again)

  • For Massive Marketing Action on Pinterest, check out this blog: From Zapier


Even if you do not want to LIVE inside Snapchat, you should get your business on their Maps



You can embed [onto your website] your Live Snapchat Map—> Meaning from your website, someone could click inside the interative, Live Map and see your most recent (24 hours, as far as right now) Snaps.

Create Ads, Lenses and More without again having to actually LIVE inside Snapchat —> Great for events/causes

Get your Snap Code or Create a Snap Code for any URL


Podcasting is a great way to ELEVATE your presence and build more intrinsic value in your LOCAL community!

How many other chiropractors in your area have a forward patient facing podcast?!


Host your podcast. I am lucky that Squarespace websites have an integrated audio player, so I didn’t have to get anything additional to start my podcast.

With sites built in Wordpress and other places, you have to get a 3rd party audio player to host your podcast.

Soundcloud and/or Anchor are great options for this.

— Soundcloud and Anchor integrate, so if you live on one, you can live on both:) Which is great because everyone has their own place they like to listen to Podcasts. So you want to live in as many directories as possible.

Either of these will give you an RSS Feed that you can then share and re-direct to get picked up on other directories.

You can also use this RSS Feed to submit your podcast to be listed in iTunes!

Podcasting Manual (blubrry is a great source for podcast information)

This is a great area to use your one on one consults to get more hands on set up and consulting information should you decide to do a podcast!