Month 1: The Logistics Phase

Week 1- Writing it Out

Where do you currently live online and what’s your traffic like there?

WHY start here?

The power of writing it down:

1. It clears your mind for higher-level thinking.

2. It helps you process your emotions.

3. It gives you a record of the past.

4. You gain a sense of achievement.

5. It helps you think big.

6. It makes you more committed.

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Identify Current Online Presence:

1. Google Yourself - Dr. ABC Palmer, ABC Palmer D.C., ABC Palmer Chiropractor, ABC Palmer Davenport, IA

2. Google your Clinic's Name (with and without your location)

3. Google basic local search terms

chiropractor city state

chiropractor city

(insert specialty) chiropractor city, state

pain relief city, state

back pain city, state

doctor city, state

** You can identify where you rank in Google Local Search Results in each category and see where others in your area rank.  You will see some that say "sponsored" and this let's you know

1. If anyone is running adwords on those key terms ( you may find someone running adwords on your name or your clinic name!) 

2. How many clinics are running ads

3. Who is running ads and what do they look like

google 3 pack.png

You can see from these results, REVIEWS are NOT the only factor or even the largest factor. Proper keyword set up on your website, longevity of site, speed of site, site friendliness and SEO Local Tagging on all pages and images, back links, directory listings (with proper information) and mobile friendliness are all top factors to consider when auditing your google ranking and website.

Installing a Google Pixel code onto your site (free) is important to do now, so we have good data to look at during the fifth month's module.

Market Research

1. Identify your key players- Who are your top clients, most networked people, community leaders, community influencers, top referrers.  Write down your NOW and your POTENTIAL list of people. These are people you want to add on social media and engage with.  

Across all profiles, Linkedin, YouTube Channel (they could have one, subscribe and like a video, if so), Twitter, Instagram and Facebook  

2. What are common characteristics of the ideal patients you see in your office. Where do they eat, shop, go to school, socialize, etc. Connecting with those places through social media can help you to reach more people like your ideal patient.

3. Use social media to gather data during this process. By following the comments in groups and through local following. Also researching any companies or organizations.  You can look at the anayltics in your social media sites to get more detailed data on your followers.  Each site gives a version of free anayltics you can access. 

fb data.png

Email Campaign

Do you have a way to collect emails on your website?


1. AP- Active Patient List

2. IP- Inactive Patient List

3. M- Marketing List

Identify your current lists, audit your procedures to get email for each lists and your current communication to each.


It's important to understand the core concept of online marketing funnels to get the highest potential conversion through your social media activity.

Basic Funnel Understanding:

When someone interacts with you online, finds you online, they will connect the pieces to taking action step(s) with you online. 

Ask yourself, when I create a post and link them to my site: 

Does website of pixel code to track and retarget individual to optimize marketing campaings

Is the website easy to read and understand and take action on

Is there a strong call to action

Does it link directly to a scheduler

Is an automated communication sent confirming appointment and then a follow up reminder for appointment

Is there an email optin on the website to capture people that are interested but not yet ready to schedule a visit

Is there an incentive to schedule NOW

Is there an email campaign in place to move them from the top of funnel to the bottom

Is there retargeting pixels AND retargeting ad campaigns to move them from top of funnel to bottom


Document in Trello

Link to your Trello Board to Copy and Create

Open the Cards and Create a Checklist of your social media links

In the Audiences Section, note what audiences in your Facebook Ads Account you have created.

In the second card, update the example data with your data for each social.