1. Set up your Instagram account(s).  

2. Connect to Facebook Page

3. Prime your Instagram Account

  a. Image

  b. Bio

  c. Custom Link

 d. Follow Local Hashtags

 e. Create first page posts

4. Consider your Office's Strategy for Instagram before making your first post.  Search and follow other accounts to get inspiration and find a "style" that speaks with you

5. Connect your Instagram account(s) to Hootsuite--> set up mobile notifications for posting (You must have the Hootsuite Mobile App to do this)

6. Set up an ITTT recipe to post any Instagram image as a native image on Twitter

7. Consider using the Crowdfire desktop software free tool to help manage your following/followers ratio.  *Disclosure, I do find this app very useful but it has not been a reliable software.  So use at your own discretion.  There are more benefits to having Crowdfire when we get into the Twitter Module

8. Get the "1000 Likes" App and the "Repost" App both for Instagram and connect your account(s)

9.  Create hashtag list and save in a Mobile Notes App

.10. Schedule time in your calendar to focus on Instagram

  a. Favorite/Heart and Comment on other local posts

  b. Follow local accounts you want to follow you back

  c. Schedule IG posts once a week and then fill in with in the moment photo

Find the balance between fun and professional with your Images on Instagram!  Once your account is set up, we will go through running Ads, Using Stories and Advanced Image Apps you can use to really step up your game in Instagram!

Ask any questions, share your bio or some posts inside Facebook.  Maybe it's a win another clinic can use or a quick question you have!