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Hello and thank you for checking out the extras section.  A successful social media marketing strategy consists of many components including original and shared content.

I love the ICPA's Facebook Page and just also released AmpLIFEied's free library for shared content ideas.  I also created a free library of chiropractic social media content you can use or get inspired from.

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The Infographic below walks through one of the BIGGEST SOCIAL mistakes small business owners make-  Only sharing your most valuable content once.   And then for that same most valuable content, I see too often not only the video being shared only once but it is only placed into one platform as well, i.e. YouTube.

The purpose of creating this illustration is to show you the power and value in scheduling out and re-purposing your chiropractic clinic's social media content. 

For this process to work successfully, think about your education process.  The process of a patient scheduling an initial consult to the first day experience, report of findings and treatment plan recommendations.   Second think about the process of going through that treatment plan with a new patient.  What are the questions the majority of them always have starting from beginning through the end.   With that information, written out, create a story through videos - live videos (Facebook and Periscope) are my best recommendation!  Because as you see below, you can share the story you write out throughout a time period and collect those videos very easily to create full power transcription, blog post creation and social scheduling that all can be done remotely, outsourced, or in very little time following the ChiroSocialTech process.



How to start using Facebook Live for your Chiropractic Clinic to reach more people

I will be adding more resources here for you to access as the series unfolds.  Thanks again for checking out your ChiroSocialTech!     

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