0105 Why Chiropractors should Use more than Just Facebook in their Social Strategy

In the fifth episode, I talk about why Chiropractors should be utilizing more of the main social media platforms in addition to a Facebook page in their overall online marketing strategy.   We are coming out the the era of reality tv and moving into an age where anyone can "go live" and create their own reality tv.  Clearly, the following that you gather ultimately determines the reach of said "show", but it is a phenomenon that is going viral as we speak.

The ability for an individual or small business to do a live broadcast is actually not a new source of video content. What makes Periscope so different is the simple fact of being able to do it directly from your smartphone device and attach to a social media account that many of us already use and have a following on, yes Twitter.

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0103 Implement a Social Media Strategy to Reach Your 2016 Goals

In the third episode of How to Do Social Media Like the Pros for Chiropractors, I discuss 2016 Goal Planning, Implementing Videos and Targeting Local!  Here is the quick step by step breakdown I shared live.  

1. Set a goal planning session

2. Define measurable goals

3. Plan out the marketing activity needed to reach your measurable goals

4. Identify the social media platforms you want to live on

5. Get Health Secrets TV to capture your local market and target patient to your social media platforms

6. Start Live Broadcasting, re-purposing the content to your selected social platforms and your email marketing campaigns. 

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0102 The WHY Behind Creating Video Content as a part of a Chiropractor's Social Media Strategy

In the second live  broadcast, I share with Chiropractors the why behind creating video to include as part of your social media marketing strategy.

My purpose in sharing this information is to challenge more doctors to engaging in video content to share more chiropractic information and lead to more people being under chiropractic care.

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0101 12 Steps for Chiropractors to Create Massive Amount of Content from One Live Video

This is an article snippet of a talk I did teaching Chiropractors a proven formula for success with the various Social Media Platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope and Pinterest.  The process is easy and many of the steps can be outsourced because we are going to be re-purposing original content out of your own words! 

The goal in sharing this information is to give Chiropractors technology tools, tips and advice to engage and educate more people in their community to ultimately lead to more people cared for and more money in your pockets.

The 12 steps discussed live are listed below with a link to many tools mentioned for you to check out!

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