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Why Everyone is Talking about The Balancing Act and How to Use it for Social Media

I saw two live videos from chiropractors just this week that discussed the balancing act, or counterbalance actually as one referred to it.

This is such a hot topic because as both doctors explained in very different ways, balance does not exist.  I can distinctively remember on a couple of occasions while building my own business and being a mother, saying 'it's just not possible to have it all, a career and motherhood really don't exist'.  

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How to Create a Mass Amount of Content for your Clinic's Social Media Sites

One of the most common questions I hear from Chiropractors is, “What should I post to my Facebook?”  And if I should be posting at least once a day and live on more than just Facebook, where do I find all that content?

The biggest mistake I see businesses across all sectors make, is only posting a piece of content once, in one way, in one place.  In this article, you will learn how to re-purpose your content the ChiroSocialTech way and leverage your information

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0102 The WHY Behind Creating Video Content as a part of a Chiropractor's Social Media Strategy

In the second live  broadcast, I share with Chiropractors the why behind creating video to include as part of your social media marketing strategy.

My purpose in sharing this information is to challenge more doctors to engaging in video content to share more chiropractic information and lead to more people being under chiropractic care.

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