4 Powerful Ways to Get More Viewers on Your Live Broadcasts

The first question I always get from Chiropractors when they really start to think about going live on Periscope is,

“How do I get people to watch me?”

That is a great question, what is the point, why is worth your time?  Another recent response I received when talking with a doctor about the platform was that he just learned YouTube and started using it.  So he wasn’t ready for anything else, understandable!   

There are so many social platforms and keeping up with what’s new and what’s going to stay can be a time consuming process.   To date, there are not many Chiropractors using the Periscope platform.  I follow a handful regularly at max.  But if you look at the healthcare industry, that isn’t the case.  Many doctors, surgeons, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and medical schools are implementing live broadcasting through Periscope.  Yes, health professionals across the world, just like you, are going live.

4 Powerful Tips to Help get more Local Viewers on your Live Broadcasts (or “Scopes”)

    1. Ask them.  Too many times, we forget the simple task of asking someone.   People will and love to do things and help other people, sometimes they just need to know that is important to the person. Something you can do the first couple of times you go live is ask a few people who you know to come in live and help support you!   

    More Tips to Ask People

  • Schedule your live broadcasts and create a simple graphic to share with your network and let people know that you are going live and how and when they can check you out.

For Example:


  • This graphic can be sent in a text, posted to your social platforms within a few hours of the event, posted to your TV in your reception room, and sent through an email blast.   You could even take it a bit further and set a schedule live time each week and plug that into your monthly newsletter and invite people to watch you, ie every Wednesday at 8PM or Friday at 9AM Live. 

     2. Twitter.  Periscope is owned by Twitter, so when you go live on          Periscope you have the option to click on the Twitter icon and it will auto tweet your broadcast.  Just this week, Twitter and Periscope updated so that the live broadcast is now shown directly in your Twitter feed!   This is a huge integration and potential to reach so many more of your following.   If you are not using Twitter for your Chiropractic clinic, I highly encourage you to open an account and then open a Periscope account to connect to Twitter.  When you are opening your Twitter account, you will gain the most value from using your name for your Twitter handle rather than your clinic name.  People will react and engage to something attached to a person differently than to a brand or office.   To quickly gather a Twitter, local social following, search:

  • Search your town ex. #chicago #royalcenter #waunakee #noblesville

  • Search your local Chamber- follow them and check their followers and     following

  • Search your local government agencies and people

  • Search your local non profits such as the United Way and YMCA

  • Search your School District and Affiliates including Athletics and Administration

  • Search any local networking chapters or groups you are in

  • Search other local healthcare providers in your area such as the hospital

  • Search any large car dealerships

  • Search local churches

That should give you a good start on Twitter!

 3.  ITTT.  Download the ITTT app in your app store.  This app is free and super powerful and there is a Periscope Recipe!

  • Create a recipe that will auto post when you go live on periscope to your Facebook and I even connected mine to post to my Linkedin Page.  

 4.  Embed.  Embed your Periscope Button directly into your website to promote your website traffic to watch your Live Scopes!  When you go live, the button will open and play in your website

Doctor’s I cannot preach enough the benefits of using a live broadcasting platform such as Periscope beyond the people that attend your broadcast live.

Think about this:

  • Twitter owns Periscope and Google in 2015 started including tweets in it’s algorithm and shows them on the search page.  Try searching your name if you are on Twitter and have it set to public.  Your tweets should appear on top.  This gives you 2 large value propositions:

    • When people do search for you, you control the content that they find.  

    • Too early to give any correlating data, but I predict a larger google ranking from using Twitter and Periscope.. If using them and linking back to your website.

  • It has never been easier to create content, connect with your network and do it all from anywhere with our beautiful smartphone devices.  Doing regular live scopes will make you a better presenter and it will increase your confidence in speaking both to groups and one on one with your patients.   

  • While many more people see the Chiropractor and know and are educated on the benefits today than let’s say when I was a toddler and getting adjusted.. It’s not mainstream.  A parent knows to go to the dentist.  A parent knows to schedule regular appointment with a pediatrician and a parent always gets their babies eyes and ears checked.  Use your voice to encourage and educate more people to learn about the benefits of chiropractic care.  Whether in your community or not in your community.   From a leadership standpoint, the power this brings to educate prospective and current students is of huge value to the profession as a whole.

Most importantly, find your passion, find your voice and have fun with it. Follow me so I can check you out when you go live, share your broadcast and give you some hearts.


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