WIN a Facebook Live Kit for ChiroSocialTech's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to ChiroSocialTech!!  Today marks one year since the start formally of this company and providing more Social Media and Technology Education and Services to the Chiropractic field in a movement to grow the #sevenpercent.

Aligning your #SocialSubluxation quickly became my entrusted tagline for the business.  One thing you may not know, is on the day I started all of this and dumped money into a website, design and content creation, I didn’t actually have a plan to monetize the efforts beyond being sponsored and affiliate offerings such as my main gig, VitaLogics Chiropractic EHR.

There are social media agencies out there doing this make and take, do it for you, mass created type social campaign content and they are good at it. The difference and the niche approach I wanted to provide doctors with was the birth of Live Broadcasting from your Smartphone device.  

Earlier in 2015 two new social media platforms came on to the scene and took over the year and changed the landscape again for social media and it’s power.  Those two platforms were Periscope and Meerkat.  

The power of Live Broadcasting, the ease of doing it from your smartphone, it’s capabilities in what it offers beyond just for your business was remarkable to me.  The day I started, Facebook Live was still not developed.  For any advant social media news follower, you knew the horizon was coming, but I don’t think anyone expected it to come so quick.  

Today, Facebook Live is thriving.  So much so, that Facebook has a giant multi-media ad campaign that is running on top television broadcasts, like the Cubs World Series.  I have also seen it both on Netflix and Amazon commercials…… and…. On YouTube, it’s main competitor.

Facebook Live came on the scene and went from Mentions to Live for certain audiences, to Live for everyone, everywhere in no time at all.  As a tech geek, this alone is an incredibly impressive AND aggressive accomplishment!  TAKE ADVANTAGE!

Facebook just also updated their mobile platform again so now videos have their own category at the bottom of the app where your friend request used to be housed.

Facebook Live will allow you the opportunity to create commercial, infomercial, workshop, wellness talk, chiropractic tips, chiropractic history, closings for your office, updates for internal office campaigns, highlights from community events and the list goes on and on of opportunities where you can use this FREE platform to be in more households.  Inject Chiropractic into more lives in your Local Community.  

For ChiroSocialTech’s Birthday, we have presents for you that we hope will encourage you to Go Live and Spread Chiropractic beyond #sevenpercent  


Gift 1:

Free Facebook Ad Campaign Set Up for a Facebook Live Video

This is for those that have Gone Live on Facebook.  Once you have a completed broadcast, reach out to Nicole Cowley ( for a one on one walk through in a GoToMeeting session to completely set up both your Facebook Ad Account, if you haven’t done so yet, and an Ad for your Facebook Live Campaign.  You must be willing to spend minimum $10 to accept this gift, but it’s all in investment back into you!  No charge for the tutorial, will only take 30 minutes!

Go live and then message your live video link to me and then email me your contact and best time to set up the Facebook Ad

Gift 2:

Facebook Live Tool Kit
This is for anyone to receive.   Enter for a chance to win your very own Professional Facebook Live Tech Tools Kit!  

3 Ways to Win and up to 3 Entries Per Person

One Entry for Each Completion:

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Check out a Facebook Live from the ChiroSocialTech Vault.  This was 7 months ago when founder, Nicole Cowley was doing a ChiroSocialTech weekly Tech Tuesday Show! 

Good luck to everyone that enters the contest and thank you for following your ChiroSocialTech.  If you are interested in a seeing what a custom 90 day social media start up package would look like for your clinic, set up a time for us to connect at

On the horizon for the next year on ChiroSocialTech are some very cool things that will ensure your clinic can use social media and set strategies to inject Chiropractic into more households and take your clinic to the next level!  

You can catch me live the first weekend in May at the ChiroSushi Summit.  Sunday morning I will be speaking live on the Master Social Media Panel with some experts I have looked up to along my journey.  For more information, please go to

TO GET A FREE TICKET TO CHIROSUSHI SUMMIT- EMAIL with "ChiroSushi Summit/Birthday Ticket" in the subject line and your ticket will be 100% comped! (Benefits of close readers and staying to the end)

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