Chiropractic Social Media Audit and Review- End of Year Planning Part 1 of 2

The End of the Year is a great time for a Chiropractic Clinic to do business planning and review activities. Given the amount of time, money and effort spent marketing your office online, social media should be one of the items on your agenda.

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In this article, I am going to outline the first step when doing a proper full End of the Year Annual Review and Planning Session for your Clinic's Online Marketing, which is the Audit and Review of current year.  

Chiropractor's Social Media Audit and Review Checklist-End of Year

Each office will be pulling reports and looking at them slightly different dependent upon the tools you are using.   Each Social Media Site has some sort of free analytics they will offer you. 

Facebook- Benefits of using a Page over a Personal Profile, you have detailed analytics for your page, brand and posts.  End of the year stats in Facebook can tell you a lot.  A good search to get you started is to sort your posts by engagement so you can view the year's top engaging posts.  This will give you insight into the type of posts that are highest performing and what your audience likes the most, or interacts with the most.  

Instagram-  When you connect your Instagram to your Facebook Page, it will convert to a business profile giving more options.  One of them is post analytics.  If you are using any Instagram scheduling tool, I use, can also see some reporting in the scheduling tool.

Twitter- Get free Twitter Analytics by going to your settings drop down and selecting Analytics.  You may have to set up an ads account to view your stats, but you do not have to use the ad account or put any money into it. 

YouTube- The YouTube analytics dashboard is beautiful and will give you a mass amount of data.  If you are not using YouTube, I do highly recommend considering adding it into your 2017 strategy at a minimum of one video per Quarter.  

Social Scheduling- There are a variety of Social Scheduling tools you can use. Currently I am using predominately Hootsuite and MeetEdgar.  Each of your social scheduling software systems, the more you pay the better data you get, will provide you with some sort of data that you can review, run reports on and check out to find correlations, highs, lows, most engaged data, largest increase in traffic, ect. &  My guess is you aren't using either of them and if so not for the level of tracking stats.  I use to customize a link and then track specific channel action. is an extension I use to share great industry information and still provide a quality call to action inside the link.  Both have free options and give you great data to look at.  

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Email- Do you have an email campaign strategy?  For either before someone is a patient or after?  You will want to look at the campaigns you ran in 2016 and the results they brought in.  If you are doing a monthly e-newsletter, you can see what content was read and clicked and shared most to mimic more of that type of content in 2017.  The email marketing software system's I use are MailChimp and InfusionSoft.

Reviews-  If you have multiple review locations, which you should, then you can create a spreadsheet and check out your review data side by side.  The top review sites you want to check out are Google, Facebook and Yelp.  Reviews are very important when it comes to your online persona and someone not just finding you, but converting to scheduling a visit with you. So important for small businesses especially, that just recently, Facebook Review Score started showing up in the Google Search Results.

Last but not least, actually arguably most important is..

Google Analytics- You must have injected the pixel code into your website in order to review analytics on your website inside Google's free platform.  Google Analytics can be overwhelming if you allow it to be.  It also can guide you through and provide you with top notch training and support for whatever you are trying to do inside the dashboard.  You can look at custom date ranges and also look at the data in graphical format to denote any correlations, highs and lows.  When you go to the dashboard->Acquisition->Social->Overview. 

AUDIT- Google Yourself- Nice good check and clean up.  You never know what you might find.  

Now if you do find information when you Google yourself that is inadequate or inaccurate.  You will need to track down the owner of the site it's listed on and request to have the information reviewed.  

If you find negative reviews when you do an audit of both your name and your clinic's name (and any associates names), you can also reach out to that person, apologize and ask them to remove it.  Your hope is that the holiday season might spark something on their end to take it down. 

Share on Facebook with us any other things you do during an End of the Year Online Marketing Audit and Review?  If you have any questions or want additional help, please schedule a visit with a Consultant at

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