Chiropractor's Guide to Facebook Ads

The number one mistake any business can do when starting out with Facebook Ads is to Boost a Post.  The reasonings vary, but any expert will tell you this first thing, so don’t be tempted.  It’s like the items at the grocery store next to the checkout line, tempting, but likely not worth it.  

Facebook’s ad platform for a marketing professional is an well thought out, beautiful system that we can’t believe is free to use.  For many small business owners, it’s antiquated and confusing.  

Before you can do anything, you have to set up an Ad Account and add a Payment Method to that account.  Just like your page, you can give access to your ad account to someone you are outsourcing this to.  

You can access your Facebook Ads from either a desktop through your personal profile, similar to how you access your page.  Or you can use the Facebook Ads Manager App (not recommended).

The first thing you must determine before running an ad is what your GOAL for that ad is.  New Patients is an obvious one you will want to use.  But you must keep in mind that going from scrolling on a Facebook feed to scheduling my first Chiropractic Visit is quite a jump and unlikely for many people.  This doesn’t mean Facebook Ads don’t work, it also doesn’t mean that it won’t happen.  If a New Patient ad is done right, yes it will work, for some.  

Some require more information and because the internet is so full of it with easily clickable links and interactive content, you can miss opportunities if your ad isn’t well thought out and implemented.

The first thing you must determine when you are setting up your Ad in Facebook is the Ad Objective, so when I say it’s the most important, literally, it is.  The four most common objectives for Chiropractors that I use are Reach people near my business, Send people to my website, Get video views, and Get offer claims.

Once you have determined which ad objective you are going to use, the platform will guide you through a wizard to set up the next parts of your ad.  You will choose a budget, choose an audience, choose an ad creative or ad creatives and time you want it to run.

If you are using the Reach People Near My Business objective, for example, the next step will be to select your target audience near your business.

When you are in the ads manager, you can also select the default settings to keep things simple, especially as you start.  The next step in this ad creation is to choose the ad placements.  If you choose automatic, Facebook will select whichever are viable for the objective campaign you chose and then it will optimize your ad once running for which placement it is doing the best on.  Facebook will not give you statistics broken down per placement when choosing all.   

If you want to look at more detailed statistics, you will want to run your placements individually, especially let’s say Facebook and Instagram.

*Instagram ads are run through your Facebook Ads Manager (as shown below)

Next you will choose your budget and time.  Ads do better for shorter periods of time.  I always recommend to choose your budget and then select your time.  If you want to test an ad for $100, run it for a week rather than a month!

The fun part if next, choose your ad creative(s).  With Facebook you can run a video, image, images, carousel or slideshow.

Video and Image are easy, you get it!  

Images- You can choose up to 6 images and Facebook will run them side by side to A/B Test which does best as well as I always choose this one and check it daily myself to turn any off that aren’t performing.

Carousel- Not similar to images, the carousel actually will show every image you choose in the same ad with scroll functions.  You can change the title and sub content for each image chosen in the carousel.

Slideshow- Will create a video with the images you select, up to 10.

You can upload images and/or select the “free stock images” and choose from Facebook’s Free Image LIbrary.  

Once you have chosen the creatives you want to use, you can put the final touches on your ad.  The ad will create as you type in the boxes so you can play with the look and feel of the ad,  You can also you the scroll arrows to look at the other placements and creatives if using multiple.

You can send people to your Page or to your Website and customize the call to action button that is displayed.  Once you have all of your settings picked, you can place your order for review and run your first ad!

With Facebook Ads, no two ads work the same.  I will not tell you that if you use this ad and this content, you will return ____.  Because I have tested the same content within a Franchise (so very similar clinics) and get completely different results.  Each region is different.  You must test and see what works for you!

Grab a free consult with ChiroSocialTech to set up your first ad with guidance and/or review your numbers on last one!