Make it Personal

Make it Personal

Big name corporations “struggle” with finding their personality for social media marketing whereas smaller, local businesses “struggle” with content creation.

Sort of the grass is greener situation.

In three of my consults with members of The Vault they have described that their highest engagement is when they post internal pictures or something personal in nature, persay.

YES!  This is exactly why The Ultimate Chiropractic Social Media Strategy Vault was built to “teach you to fish”.  Tired of my cliches yet?!

With so many options, people are going to buy from people and companies they can relate to and those which are in their view.

There is a side of social media that is considered “dark traffic”.  While it’s great to see how many likes, comments, views, and clicks our posts have, it still doesn’t provide the full picture.  Likes and especially comments and shares are not easy and not given away freely.  Simply because you didn’t get a like, does NOT mean that it did not land on ears.  That is wasn’t referred to or spoken about in natural conversations and shared in Facebook Messenger.

Liking a picture of your staff being promoted or adding a baby to their family is always going to gather more likes than the post of your blog talking about Birth and Chiropractic.  It doesn’t mean that the first had a bigger impact than the latter.

A good blend of personal and marketing content being shared to your clinic's social media sites is your sweet spot to find.  

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