Always Be Learning- What Content We Consume and Recommend

Always Be Learning- What Content We Consume and Recommend

This is the ABL of being a well rounded business owner, you must always be learning.

What probably is the reason I love technology the most. It opens up the world around me in so many ways.

There is a saying about you and your year being reflective of the books you’ve read, the places you’ve traveled and the people you have met.

Well now, you can achieve those things in short from Podcasts, Apps to Read Books and Listen to Books, Webinars, Facebook Live Events, Social Media Stories and all around content delivered, Blogging and then there is actual learning apps and channels.

So in this blog, I wanted to list out for you some tools and content I consume or have consumed recently and want to share with you.


This is my current ITunes Podcast Subscribed List and I will highlight the consistent ones I listen to

  1. The Small Business Success Podcast, by Infusionsoft- Just downloaded earlier this week to dive deeper into Infusionsoft for a client

  2. ChiroHustle- New, haven't checked out yet.  Hope to be a guest

  3. Mashable Tech- Weekly, love.  It's a spoken blog.  Interesting concept you might consider to re-purpose your content gold

  4. MashTalk- Very geeky tech podcast.  I listen to some of them

  5. You’re Doing Great Mom- I was honored to be on one of the episodes of this podcast that is hosted by a chiropractor

  6. The Tim Ferris Show- Long podcast by the infamous Tim Ferris from The 4 Hour Work Week and Tools of Titans

  7. How I Built This- NPR- Some very interesting stories about how businesses were built

  8. Market Secrets- Russel Brunson from Clickfunnel's podcast, full of marketing power

  9. The Science of Social Media- Podcast by Buffer.  Great way to keep up with my niche, social media marketing. 

  10. Social Media Marketing Podcast- Hosted by the social media examiner, another great podcast for my niche. 

  11. Building a StoryBrand with Donald Miller- Great shows to really dive deeper into identifying and speaking your story and telling your message.  Great podcast.  I listen to almost every episode, weekly show

  12. The Art of Paid Traffic- Rick Mulready weekly podcast show that can really give you some great inside tips to digging deep into your online marketing funnels, tools and strategies

  13. Online Marketing Made Easy- Amy Porterfield's podcast show on building an online course.  I listened to this consistently when I was building the first set of modules for The Vault

  14. TEDTalks Business- Long drives only

  15. TEDTalks Technology- Long drives only

  16. Mile High Chiro- Great chiropractic podcast by Dr. Danny Knowles.  Check out the podcast episode I was featured on!

  17. Joel Osteen

  18. Social Media Social Hour Podcast- Love this podcast show.  Listen to it weekly for niche content to grow my business. 

SOON 19. ChiroSocialTech Raw


I do love audible.  I can find more time to listen to books rather than read, but I do both.  I can listen while cleaning, driving, working out, and going on walks.  Here is a list of recent ones I have finished and what’s up next.  


  1. The Power of Habit- Charles Duhigg

  2. How to Win at the Sport of Business- Mark Cuban

  3. The 10X Rule- Grant Cardone

  4. The Accidental Salesperson- Chris Lytle

  5. Talk Like TED- Carmine Gallo

Up Next:

  1. The ONE Thing- Jay Papasan and Gary Keller

  2. You Are a Badass at Making Money- Jen Sincero

Webinar Series

These I watch about once a month.  Whenever something really catches my eye, you can’t have too many ideas.  I listen to

  1. Katie Lance

  2. InfusionSoft Webinar Series

  3. Jen Lehner

  4. Amy Porterfield

  5. Chalene Johnson


Facebook Live

This is becoming a new but very prominent way I have been consuming learning content.  Many mentors that I follow do consistent if not regular Facebook Live shows, including myself :)

  1. ChiroSocialTech Raw

  2. ChiroSushi

  3. Dr. Liam Schubel

  4. Dr. Chris Zaino

  5. Dr. Tabor Smith

  6. Dr. Cathy Colby Smith

  7. Mari Smith

  8. Katie Lance

  9. Beautycounter

  10. Gregg Renfrew

  11. Social Media Examiner

  12. Mashable

I watch many facebook lives for research as well. I could keep going, the trick is to use the “saved post” feature to go back to them at the times you might normally listen to a podcast, I watch a facebook live.

Instagram Stories

This I do not have a list for.  If you aren’t on Instagram, I highly recommend it for your business. Search and follow and engage locally.  Watch others stories to find out what’s then going on around you and get inspired to create your own stories.


Through content gems, medium, tech crunch and many other email campaigns I am signed up for, I get a summary of articles daily sent to me that I skim through and read and share.  I am definitely in the top 3% of individuals as far as consuming content from Social Media is concerned.

Medium and Linkedin are my rave go to’s for blog hosting if you can’t do it on your website. #SocialSubluxation Extra Tip!


This is another area where the list could go on forever.  Apps like YouTube, Udemy, and Lrn favor providing course like content you can consume to learn.  There is amazing language apps out there to learn another language.  There are apps to improve your skill sets and teach you new skill sets.  Do simple searches for what you are looking for or simply start scrolling through the education categories in your app store.


Events you are traveling and meeting new people and learning, it’s the best thing you can do for your own self improvement each year is attend an event related to your interest.  Social media can help you find events and can help you network prior and post!  Events I will be attending through the end of 2017 are..


Mile High Chiropractic, Denver, Colorado

VitaLogics Booth Vendor





ACA Sports Council, Denver, Colorado

Luncheon Keynote Speaker- Annual Symposium



HealthSource Midwest Group, Minneapolis, MN

Social Media Breakout Session- Annual Conference



LCW Unplug and Reconnect, Phoenix, AZ

Speaker- Social Media in It’s Simplest Form